A Hidden Dream

Posted June 26th, 2015 by Nicole Mihalos and filed in Greenhouses, Pool Enclosures, Steel Structures
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Do you have a hidden dream?

Hundreds of dreams are created at Tanglewood before they are installed on location and with each dream we have uncovered something we’ve never done before. How can we help you discover your hidden dream?

We invite you to take a closer look into our workshop at some exciting developments, starting with what we believed to be an everyday project from a home owner in Doylestown, PA.

Several months ago, a client came to us with their dream to construct a unique pool enclosure for her kids to enjoy year round. Immediately struck by Tanglewood’s exceptional design and passion, she looked no further and invited us out to see her home.

It was her dream for us to construct a 3,000 square foot pool enclosure with a design that required both steel and wood finishes.




But before our meeting came to an end, the client was so impressed she proposed a second project that they have been dreaming about… a greenhouse! We eagerly accepted.

For this project, she envisioned a 350 square foot fully operating wood greenhouse to finish with an aluminum roof.



Together, our teams immediately got started on design, working with not only the client, but landscape architect, builder and architect to make her dream a reality.

Current Status:

After discussion of the greenhouse began, it instantly became first priority. Currently, we are putting on the final touches in our shop and plan to have the project completely finished by this summer.

As for the pool enclosure, designs are now complete and installation is set to begin in the fall.

We work hard to make sure all of our client’s design visions come true, no matter how big or small, complicated or simple, modern or classic. Want to read more about Tanglewood’s uncovered dreams? Keep in touch, there’s more to come!

To get your project started, give us a call at 410.479.4700.

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