An Extraordinary Partnership

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Imagine… getting a letter years later from a client who falls more deeply in love with the home you designed and built for them; thanking you and telling you how they still appreciate the small details and added time you put in at the beginning to give them added benefits of discovering new details in the project as the months and years march on.

Trout Design is dedicated to bringing this kind of added value to all those they serve. NOT ONE PROJECT THE SAME, quality and value is what drives them to create beautiful architecture for those in the D.C. area and throughout the country. Their most recent project led them to partner with Tanglewood to create a unique conservatory to maximize the amount of light entering the heart of the client’s home.

Our clients had just moved back to Washington D.C. from California. Although the property they found did not meet all of their criteria, we helped them see the potential for extraordinary unrealized outdoor space on the roof and they fell in love with the house and the potential there. They love spending time in the sun and gardening, we want to bring them a space that combines their passions and allows them to do what they love year round.”

Michael Lee Beidler, Principal Trout Design

To combine their love of natural light and gardening, Trout Design developed the concept to construct a glass penthouse/greenhouse roosting above the main central staircase of the home leading to a full roof garden! This design will be a first for Trout and Tanglewood, but when talking with Michael we can hear the excitement in his voice and are ready to take on the opportunity.

Although we face some challenges such as zoning and historic preservation ahead of us, the main reason we partnered with Tanglewood was due to their extraordinary problem solving partnership and their specific expertise in glazing. We welcome them as a partner for design. Their commitment to extraordinary detail and unique capability to customize work,  fitting with our philosophy of adding unique detail and thus value to our work,  is very valuable to us as it aligns with our goal in providing the highest quality and project value to our clients. We believe that even the way you make a simple joint can be a work of art and Tanglewood shares that vision with us.”

With this intimate scale of a project, HOW each element of the conservatory is crafted is extremely important. In designing this concept, Michael and his team thought about how their client would experience the pathway up through the home to the roof deck, the conservatory skylight on the deck itself, and how the introduction of natural light will affect the quality of life throughout the entire house as this element transforms the existing dark central circulation core to a light filled escalier. By placing the roof lantern in the central part of the home, the interior is flooded with natural light. It’s attention to details like this that allow Trout to bring unique value to their clients for years to come.

As our partnership develops, we are excited to see this project to hit the drawing board! To LEARN MORE about Trout Design or to start a project of your own, don’t hesitate to give Trout Design a call, fill out our contact form, or visit!

Michael Lee Beidler, Trout Design 202.659.0600


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