Architectural Digest Magazine shows Steel and Glass Pool Pavilion by Tanglewood Conservatories

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The July issue of Architectural Digest included a photograph of a unique swimming pool enclosure designed and built by Tanglewood Conservatories.

Included in the recent issue of Architectural Digest magazine is a feature on a large renovation project by Louisiana-based architect Ken Tate. The project includes a very unique conservatory which he commissioned Tanglewood to design and build. The full page image on p. 89 shows off the steel and glass pool pavilion that Tanglewood designed specially for this project

Steel and Glass Pool Pavilion by Tanglewood Conservatories

The architect had approached Tanglewood Conservatories with the request for a pool house conservatory which he insisted be constructed with steel and glass instead of the more traditional material for custom conservatories – wood.

When Ken first approached Tanglewood for some help with his project, he was unsure how the conservatory pool enclosure could be done in all steel, but trusted our team enough to let us run with the design work. He had some images in his mind but had no idea how it could be built.

After some discussion with Ken and the client about the design direction and other important factors to the design, we set to work. This initial phase of the work took about four weeks. We produced drawings for Ken to review, then went back and forth refining the concept.

When Ken first saw our initial design for the pool enclosure, he was completely enthralled. He hadn’t imagined how we could have designed the steel and glass pool pavilion conservatory the way we did and he was delighted with Tanglewood’s unconventional approach and design expertise.

Following his acceptance of Tanglewood’s pool house design, we worked together to resolve the many construction issues having to do with how the conservatory connects to the rest of the house, how it is set on the foundation and how all the small details would come together. Ken was one of the most detail oriented architects we’ve ever worked with but the close collaboration yielded a most remarkable project!

Mutual respect was the key to our success. Ken obviously had a great deal of respect for Tanglewood’s many years of experience in the design and construction of custom conservatories and we absolutely loved Ken’s work and were thrilled to be able to contribute to one of his great projects.

This project is really not much different from many of our other commissions. Tanglewood is hired by some of the best architects in the world because they can see our dedication to great design work and our vast experience within the highly specialized niche of traditional conservatory design. The fact that we are completely comfortable working with steel, bronze, wood or many of the other materials they might choose to use is a great benefit to them.

On our side, we make the commitment to them that we will produce an exceptional, innovative high quality building in a time sensitive and a cost efficient manner. We realize that one of our most important jobs is to make them look great.

The interior picture of the pool house is on page 89 of the magazine.

Ken paid us a big complement on seeing the steel and glass pool pavilion the first time. He said: “Extraordinary, I just want to tell you that I think it is fabulous. I think of how great your quality is, it’s absolutely extraordinary and I hope you love it as well!”

Thanks Ken. The project is a great one!


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