Building Dream Homes: A Client Story

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Where does the inspiration for your dream home come from? Do you see something and think, “I’ve got to have it!”?

Following a dream that has lasted a lifetime, this client came to Tanglewood to finally bring it to life. Walking through our shop they could envision all their dreams coming true; turning their home into a getaway retreat. Fascinated with our craftsmanship, team and designs, they took one look and had to have it. What was it?

Imagine yourself on vacation. There’s NO worries, NO schedules, NO work, and all you need to do is RELAX. Now, how do you bring that to your home? With a conservatory! They fell in love with the idea of a magnificent brick and stone conservatory to house a spa on the far end of their property.


Notice the stunning copper roof, the gabled entry and cupola atop the conservatory. Stunning additions, such as cupolas and skylights, bring natural light to a room and are decorative, functional pieces everyone desires. In love with their conservatory, Molly refers to it as their “private sanctuary” just for her and her husband.

But their dream home wasn’t finished yet.

About four years after the completion of the conservatory, they uncovered another piece to their dream home! Inspired by the windows of the conservatory, they wanted to accent other rooms in their home.

While renovating their kitchen, they had the idea to add a two story window wall, back entry door, a bay window by the kitchen sink, and an addition to the guest bedroom! Listening to Molly passionately explain her vision and gesture what she wanted, we knew exactly what she was looking for.


The final piece to their dream was uncovered three years later. Off of the master bedroom was an old leaky sunroom on the second floor. Do you have a room that you just never use? This was there’s. Molly eagerly came to us with a beautiful floor pattern she designed ready to renovate this sunroom. The result speaks for itself.


So, did you see something you’ve got to have? No matter how long it takes to create your dream home, Tanglewood is here for YOU. We’d love for you to share your dream home vision with our team and bring them to life! Give us a call at 410.479.4700 or fill out our form.

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