Skylights in Unique Places

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Novelty Skylights – where would YOU put one?

Clients around the globe are looking for new, innovative ways to use skylights. Whether it is a dome, cupola or other type of skylight, these additions can add beauty to any structure, while giving it an exclusive look and style. Check out these clients who took their skylights to UNIQUE PLACES!

Garden Swings

IMAGINE… It is late at night and the stars are out; you feel the soft warm breeze brush across your skin. Where are YOU? These clients are sitting under their custom copper and glass dome on their garden swing! Placed at the edge of their garden, they took an ordinary swing set and turned it into a custom work of art.

Look at the detail…

PicMonkey_45 West Lake AS

Made entirely out of steel, copper and glass, notice the small panes of overlapping glass and detail carved into the copper work of the dome. The beautiful columns surrounding the swing set an atmosphere so peaceful, you cannot help but spend your nights star gazing. Thanks to Meyer and Meyer Architects in Boston for their help in creating this dream!

Showers in the Sun

When a client asked us to design a fanciful skylight for a backyard shower, we thought… “He can’t be serious!” We had designed a beautiful conservatory for him years ago, but this seemed an unlikely project. However, six months later and after hours of design work, a most amazing structure emerged. This copper clad steel skylight with antique lapped glass and ornamental finial creates a soaring light to drench this elegant space with warmth. Only a simple arched wooden door hinted at the dramatic space behind.

PicMonkey_lascano pic

The Star Cabin

Do you have a love for stargazing?

Looking for a quiet space away from civilization, the last piece to this client’s dream home is an observatory.  In the midst of building a new home in the countryside, they turned to Tanglewood in search of creating a SILO off of their beautiful log cabin home to share their love of astronomy. Just imagine… relaxing at the top of this secret hideout and, through this enormous glass dome, watching the Aurora Borealis! Flashes of various colors engulf the night sky, dancing around the stars, creating a magnificent show for you and your family.

PicMonkey_Silo - SRC

For MORE INFORMATION on our skylight, dome or cupola structures feel free to give us a call at 410.479.4700 or submit a form online at our website! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about these stories, structures and more.

Building Dream Homes: A Client Story

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Where does the inspiration for your dream home come from? Do you see something and think, “I’ve got to have it!”?

Following a dream that has lasted a lifetime, this client came to Tanglewood to finally bring it to life. Walking through our shop they could envision all their dreams coming true; turning their home into a getaway retreat. Fascinated with our craftsmanship, team and designs, they took one look and had to have it. What was it?

Imagine yourself on vacation. There’s NO worries, NO schedules, NO work, and all you need to do is RELAX. Now, how do you bring that to your home? With a conservatory! They fell in love with the idea of a magnificent brick and stone conservatory to house a spa on the far end of their property.


Notice the stunning copper roof, the gabled entry and cupola atop the conservatory. Stunning additions, such as cupolas and skylights, bring natural light to a room and are decorative, functional pieces everyone desires. In love with their conservatory, Molly refers to it as their “private sanctuary” just for her and her husband.

But their dream home wasn’t finished yet.

About four years after the completion of the conservatory, they uncovered another piece to their dream home! Inspired by the windows of the conservatory, they wanted to accent other rooms in their home.

While renovating their kitchen, they had the idea to add a two story window wall, back entry door, a bay window by the kitchen sink, and an addition to the guest bedroom! Listening to Molly passionately explain her vision and gesture what she wanted, we knew exactly what she was looking for.


The final piece to their dream was uncovered three years later. Off of the master bedroom was an old leaky sunroom on the second floor. Do you have a room that you just never use? This was there’s. Molly eagerly came to us with a beautiful floor pattern she designed ready to renovate this sunroom. The result speaks for itself.


So, did you see something you’ve got to have? No matter how long it takes to create your dream home, Tanglewood is here for YOU. We’d love for you to share your dream home vision with our team and bring them to life! Give us a call at 410.479.4700 or fill out our form.

A Lesson in History

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When you were little, did you dream of having a bowling alley or movie theater in your home?

These clients DID! Housed under this beautiful 40,000 square foot home rests a racquetball court, bowling alley, media room and more! What could they POSSIBLY be missing?

During construction of their dream home the architect was tasked with designing several of the home’s unique rooms; then the idea of a greenhouse arose. The architect reached out to Tanglewood in need of help!


The client had big ideas, dreaming of an old world industrial look with a twist – but how do you incorporate almost impossible elements designed over 100 years ago?

We laboriously researched books of old buildings and historic old world greenhouses that inspired our designs and as the great conservatories and greenhouses stood long ago, this greenhouse would reflect a decorative steel structure with curved rooflines bringing a “light” feel to the room.

Look closely…

PicMonkeky_NRF Outside Zoom

The use of circular motifs in the steel beams, stained glass and in the architectural details lighten the framework. The copper roof and dark stained mahogany on the interior and exterior and gutters disappear into the open glass room. As elements came together the greenhouse held a transparent feel, just as old world conservatories/greenhouses had displayed.

Now take a closer look…

Specially requested by the client, designed within the stained glass and steel beams, four leaf clovers showcase her native Ireland bring a piece of her into its structure.

PicMonkey_4 Leaf Clover Close Up - NRF

 No matter the lengths we are dedicated to turning every dream into a reality. Our skilled craftsman have a strong background in historic structures that allows us to relate, NOT replicate, each and every design, creating TRUE ONE OF A KIND works of art.

Are you Dreaming?

Let’s get your dream started!  Call us at 410.479.4700 and click here to get your project started!

Flip the Switch

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Many with a conservatory face the age-old dilemma as to how to regulate the streaming sunlight while maximizing energy efficiencies and  maintaining ‘creature comforts’ – all without blocking the view to the outdoors.  For most,the deciding factor in designing a conservatory was the ability to have a near unfettered view of the outside, while enjoying all the comforts that are inherent with being inside a structure.  Tanglewood is excited to announce that we have just finished a project that eliminates the need for blinds or shades to deal with glare and excessive heat and will automatically adjusts the tint to match the conditions outside.

Dynamic glass has been in the marketplace for several years.  However due to many constraints – primarily the lack of design/shape flexibility (mostly only available in a rectangular shape) Tanglewood did not jump on the bandwagon, but did closely watch the industry for new developments.  Fast forward to a call with a client that was really intrigued with the notion of dynamic glass and before we knew it four skylights were being loaded for their trip to San Francisco!


The client wanted to place the skylights in a commercial office building, but needed the ability to control light and glare due to multiple work stations below.  Dynamic glass by SageGlass was the solution.  SageGlass is a leading manufacturer of dynamic glass for windows and skylights.  SageGlass glazing can be tinted or cleared to optimize daylight and improve the human experience in buildings.  The glass manages the sunlight and heat that enters; significantly reducing energy consumption while improving the comfort of the workers.  The dynamic glass is electronically tintable that will automatically respond to the changing external conditions by becoming lighter or darker without the view-blocking use of shades or blinds – much like transition eye-glasses..

In an excerpt from SageGlass’ website, the benefits are undeniable:   ‘Studies show that people thrive in buildings with ample daylight and a connection to the outdoors. Patients in healthcare facilities heal faster. In schools, students’ academic performance and attitudes improve. And workers are more satisfied when workplaces are infused with natural light.

TeamTanglewood built the four skylights and thoroughly tested prior to shipping.





How does this work?
SageGlass explains it best on their website:

SageGlass’ electrochromic coating consists of five layers of ceramic material. Applying a low voltage of electricity darkens the coating as lithium ions and electrons transfer from one electrochromic layer to another electrochromic layer.  Reversing the voltage polarity causes the ions and electrons to return to their original layer, causing the glass to return to its clear state

This solid-state reaction is controlled through a very low voltage (less than 5V DC) power supply. A darkened state enables SageGlass to absorb and reradiate away the sun’s unwanted heat and glare. A clear state allows you to maximize daylight and solar energy.

SageGlass nanotechnology incorporates layers of coatings on glass, which in total are less than 1/50th the thickness of a human hair (figure B). The coatings are applied using sputter deposition, which is a tried and true, low-cost, low-risk manufacturing process that has been used for decades to manufacture millions of square feet of low-e glass. The transparent conductor (TC) layers form a sandwich around the electrochromic (EC) layer, the ion conductor (IC) and the counter electrode (CE). Applying a positive voltage to the TC in contact with the CE causes lithium ions to be driven across the IC and inserted into the EC layer, while a charge compensating electron is extracted from the CE, flows around the external circuit, and is inserted into the EC layer.

To learn more or discuss building your own conservatory with dynamic glass, contact sales at Tanglewood.