The Art of Design

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Remember career day back in high school?  Guidance counselors and local business people all gathered in the auditorium talking about career choices and pathways.  Then there was always that one counselor that was the dreamer and spoke of finding your passion and everything else would fall into place.  Back then it all sounded so nebulous – how can a teenager know their life’s passion?

With that high school day forgotten many decades in the past and fast forward to working at TWC for several months now, I have had heard numerous times that it is the design element that Tanglewood brings to a project that sets us apart from others in our arena.  It is easy to prattle off the obvious reasons:

  • TWC has a full suite of architects, engineers and designers
  • We pride ourselves on our collaborative nature and working well with the homeowners’ team of architects and designers
  • We bring a historical perspective based on Tanglewood’s extensive travels, books and lectures series

Wanting to get a more in-depth understanding – I asked Alan his thoughts.  His response quickly brought me back to high school…

’We are architects and artists, not accountants and lawyers.
We create art and that just happens to fuel our business.
We do not compromise or concede to any business strategy that stifles our artistry.
Making money is a byproduct of our passion, the actual building process is the business that supports our artistic endeavors.’

Designing conservatories and greenhouses isn’t just the starting point of the process to get to a completed structure.  It is an artist creating a work of art that ultimately will become part of someone’s art collection.   Designing conservatories is the passion that ignites Tanglewood and it is that passion that then builds these stunning structures.  As Alan states, ‘If we were to just design a building, there is no art, no passion.’   Tanglewood is in business to create art.   Our conception was the result of stumbling upon a passion:  historic conservatories & creative design.   Many marketing manuals have been written extolling the practice of determining your value proposition.   At Tanglewood, it is simple.  We create art – that takes the form of conservatories.  That is our passion.

Turns out your guidance counselors were right on career day – find your passion, make it your job and the ‘business’ of it will follow.

Tanglewood Hand Drawing and finished project

Happy New Year from Tanglewood Conservatories!

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It’s that time of year again—-time to celebrate a year well-lived and time to look forward to a new year full of possibility. We hope your 2014 was full of fun & love & lasting memories. Our wish for the coming year is for each of you to live your life to the fullest and lend a helping hand to those who need it. Volunteer your time, donate a couple of dollars (pesos, bhat, euros, yen…), hold the door open for someone, share a smile. The price is small, but the value is great!

Our wish for 2015 remains unchanged.  The greatest legacy we can leave is a life well-lived – follow your passions and help others along your journey.  One of Tanglewood’s resolutions for 2015 is to celebrate the passionate people whose pathways we have crossed.  From our photographer, also a renowned painter to many of our clients whose passionate endeavors include everything from art collections to animal rescues; we will focus on the passions that has shaped their lives and how it has intermingled with the love of conservatories.

2014 was an awesome year for Tanglewood, and we are so excited to welcome 2015!


From everyone at Team Tanglewood

Happy New Year!!