Tanglewood Conservatories on The Proper Home website

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Alan amp; Nancy Virts

The Proper Home, a website which bills itself as The Expert Resource for Quality Homeowners, has just posted an article showcasing Tanglewood and the way in which Nancy and I founded the company.

The article is titled: “Tanglewood Conservatories, A Beautiful Life” “When you think of the ultimate conservatories, Tanglewood Conservatories stands alone. In this story, we explore how Tanglewood came to be and explore the results of passion and a true labor of love.”

It’s a story I enjoyed!

Custom Home Conservatory

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Custom Home MagazineIn the most recent issue of Custom Home magazine there is a page called “Great Finds- Custom builders share their latest product finds”.

The idea is that the editor interviews various upscale builders about what products the builder and their clients find most outstanding.

This addition of Great Finds, Chip Gruver of Gruver-Cooley Corp. in Leesburg, Virginia mentions his company’s latest great finds. They include:

1. The Harding Steel hydraulic lift which will lower two cars into the basement effectively turning a two car garage into a four car garage.

2. Kohler’s DTV-2 shower system which features music, lighting, water and steam in the bathrooms.

3. Tanglewood Conservatories, whom he mentions they enjoy working with. “People seem to really like them”, Chip says!

That doesn’t surprise us. We work really hard at it!


Tanglewood Conservatories named “Best of Baltimore”

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The “2008 Best of Baltimore” list published in the August issue of Baltimore magazine is out and includes Tanglewood Conservatories!

The judges commented “You can’t beat the artistry and quality of the gazebos, pool houses and sunrooms created by Tanglewood Conservatories”.

They remark that “Tanglewood is one of only a handful of conservatory builders in the United States, and, fortunately for us, it’s located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.”

We are always thrilled to be recognized for our work. We strive very hard to create the artistry and quality that are our trademark and are happy to see that others can tell that there is a difference!

Pick up a copy of this issue of the magazine if you happen to be within the Baltimore area. It’s a very interesting and well done publication. I have not always known Baltimore as such a vibrant spot but over the years I’ve spent in this area, I’ve come to appreciate some really great restaurants, sights, ball games and lots of great stuff to do.

The Conservatory in Druid Hill park is a must see for anyone interested in conservatory architecture.

Thank you Baltimore.


Another article…Chesapeake Home

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I forgot to mention another article spotlighting sunrooms and conservatories (conservatories as a subset of sunrooms).

In the July issue of Chesapeake Home, an article titled “Sunrooms: Bring the outdoors in” by Rebecca E. Jones-Paulsen, discusses the growing popularity of sunrooms and conservatories and talks about new developments in energy efficiency. It also helps consumers learn about design options and features while discussing how consumers can go about identifying their own needs and budgets.

In making the distinction between a sunroom and a conservatory, Jones-Paulsen says “…they (conservatories) are still the most expensive style of sunroom to build. Consider conservatories the Ferrari of sunrooms.”

She goes on to say that “…and like exotic automobiles, custom conservatories are the products of elegant design and top-quality manufacturing.”

“Tanglewood Conservatories, a Denton, Maryland based company for example, offers exquisite, custom design and craftsmanship by a staff that focuses 100 percent of their attention on one thing – the conservatory.”

I would correct that by saying that we actually focus 100 percent of our attention on something other than the conservatory – our customers!


Tanglewood Conservatories in the News

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Washington Spaces, Spring 2008Tanglewood Conservatories in the News once again, Tanglewood has made it into several great magazine articles.

Washington Spaces magazine, in a piece titled “Spectacular Outdoor Rooms” has included two of Tanglewood’s recent projects, the great glass greenhouse – which is the #3 project in the Botanical and Palm Houses section of our website and the beautiful brick and stone conservatory retreat that is #11 in the Conservatory Gallery section.

The article describes the process well “… these extraordinary conservatories are built in their entirety at the Denton, MD, workshop, then disassembled with each part carefully numbered, and reassembled on site by the same crew who built it”.


Home & Design

Home & Design magazine, the magazine of luxury homes and fine interiors, features an article called “Glass Houses—Conservatories enable homeowners to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassles”.

The writer takes an interesting position: “The hottest trend in outdoor living is extending the indoors outside, but some homeowners believe it’s a better idea to bring the outdoors in”.

The writer goes on to say: “Glass houses let you enjoy the garden when there’s a cold, early spring rain; in high summer when it’s too hot and humid to venture outside; on a blustery fall day when the leaves are brilliant oranges and reds; and during winter snowfalls that turn the landscape into a silvery wonderland.”

I couldn’t have said it any better!


American Dream Homes Article

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A number of publications that have featured stories about Tanglewood projects recently.

One interesting article showcasing our conservatories can be seen in American Dream Homes, a special interest magazine catering to affluent consumers as well as professional custom home builders, remodelers, and contractors.

According to the website of American Dream Homes, “each issue of American Dream Homes presents readers with high-quality editorial, graphic design, information, and advertising—all designed to assist consumers and professionals with the creation of their dream residences. American Dream Homes is distributed nationally on newsstands and into a variety of high-end bookstores and home stores, such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Lowes, and Home Depot.”

We’ll be placing an online copy of the article in the “Published Articles” section of our website shortly. If you haven’t already explored these Published Articles (located in the “Our Firm” section), please take a look at some very interesting issues of major publications. The articles are not only about Tanglewood and our conservatory projects, but about general issues and topics of interest relating to all conservatory projects.


Collaboration with Architect

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Having just finished a very interesting project in North Carolina, I received this note from Bob Wilkoff, the architect with whom we had worked. Bob is an exceptionally talented artist who generally restricts his work to the greater Washington DC area. We’ve completed numerous conservatory projects with him over the years – including one on his own house. He also designed the façade of the Tanglewood building in Denton which you can see a small portion of in the group photo on the Tanglewood Story page of our website.

Dear Family & Friends,
Just a heads up that I’ve been chosen to participate in this month’s, (March), Washingtonian Magazine article on Washington’s top architects. Take a look at the article beginning on page 125.

Best wishes,

The customer for the conservatory project in North Carolina originally contacted Tanglewood about their project and asked us for a reference for an architect. They were planning a substantial renovation to the entire house that included as one element a large conservatory.

Though as architects ourselves, we sometimes take on additional design responsibilities as smaller adjuncts to a larger custom conservatory. But in this case the scope of the overall project required an additional professional.

Bob seemed to be the natural choice. The opportunity to use a conservatory manufacturer and architect who are already familiar with each others work, process and limitations is always a REALLY big plus on a job.

This case was no exception. Together with the clients, we worked seamlessly, providing input for the entire project. As a result, the overall quality of the design – and construction as well, became far and away better than anything that could have been done by either on our own.

I’ll soon be able to post some pictures of this job so that you can see the integration of the conservatory portion of the project with Bob’s scheme of the overall renovation.

We are very happy to be associated with such high level professionals! Nice work Bob. You can see some of his work at his website www.archaeon.com.

Upsacale Living magazine

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I just got word of an article on conservatories to be published in the upcoming issue of Upscale Living Magazine. This would be their Spring ’08 issue which should be out shortly in March. Though this great magazine is available only by subscription, you can visit their website www.upscalelivingmag.com for a peek into the exclusive world they portray. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to subscribe!

Several other publications will also showcase some our work this spring. I’ll have more details to come.

From Cigar Aficionado magazine, Feb. 2008

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Solarium Style- Tanglewood Conservatories.

You and your cigar have been banished from the house – imagine that – but you don’t feature standing in the wind and cold. How about taking your exile in style inside a custom-built solarium? Tanglewood Conservatories builds classic solariums to fit your space and aesthetic tastes. A range of design approaches and building materials are offered and each project includes visits to your home and an interactive meeting to discuss the smallest details of construction.

Cigar Aficionado magazine feature

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Cigar Aficionado magazine feature
If you happen to be a cigar lover, you might notice the spotlight given to Tanglewood Conservatories in the February 2008 issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine. On page 179, the second to last page in the magazine, is a feature called “Made for You”.

The “Made for You” section is devoted to showcasing such exceptionally high quality items that they are especially noteworthy. They are generally custom made for each purchaser.

Here is the way the editors describe them: “In a world of fast food and one-size-fits-all sensibilities, how often does something feel made especially for you?

The “Made for You” section celebrates those items that are created with such a high quality of hand-workmanship and degree of customization that they become individual to you”.

“In each issue, our editors will endeavor to bring you special things from anywhere on the globe, choosing them solely on the basis of outstanding quality. Our goal is to give you guidance on the best of everything”.

Well said! Tanglewood Conservatories is proud to be included in this rarified lot.