Why Invest In A Pool Enclosure?

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Your pool is a major investment, but how much actual time do you spend enjoying it?  More than likely you use your pool just one season out of the entire year; but certainly not if it is rainy, or thunderstorms, or a snowstorm in a winter that just doesn’t want to end!  And this doesn’t count the hours spent opening and closing your pool, along with cleaning and skimming leaves and insects from the water.  Your desire to swim all year round can be solved by designing and building a pool enclosure.  They can  protect your pool, allowing you more time to swim, alleviating some of the cleaning (no more leaves!) but the enclosure also will allow you to swim all year round, regardless of the weather.

dunes collage

With over 20 years of experience in building conservatories, greenhouses and glass pool enclosures, Tanglewood Conservatories has the expertise to guide you through the design process to installation.  With TWC’s broad knowledge base, along with creative design work, we can assist with decisions such as:

  • HVAC – how to incorporate HVAC into your design
  • Proper humidity & condensation control
  • Discreetly and decoratively conceal mechanical systems – especially important in an all-glass structure
  • Special coatings for the steel to inhibit rust
  • Size and orientation

While it might seem like an odd time to begin designing your enclosed pool with summer close by, if you want to swim in late December, the design process should begin now so that installation is ready to move forward in late fall.   Take a look through Tanglewood’s gallery for more ideas.  Next week we will discuss common HVAC issues with pool enclosures.  If you would like an early preview, complete the form:

A Dip in December?

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Wouldn’t you love to go swimming in December?  With short days and cold nights this might be a foreign concept unless you have a membership to the local YMCA.   A steel pool house conservatory is the perfect answer to extend your swimming season (indefinitely!).   The spacious swimming pool enclosure below contains the swimming pool, a spa and ample space for entertaining or just relaxing around the interior fireplace.

Exquisite pool enclosure by Tanglewood Conservatories

The tradition of building a structure to enclose both public and private swimming pools is actually centuries old – dating back to the Great Roman Empire.  Roman bath houses were also important drivers in the evolution of architecture offering the first dome structures in Classical architecture.  These bath houses were built using millions of fireproof terracotta bricks and the finished buildings were very lavish with fine mosaic floors, marble-covered walls and decorative statues.

Roman Bath
Roman Bath

Tanglewood works closely with your team to design and build a one-of-a-kind, unique to you structure, utilizing the highest quality materials backed by over twenty years of specialized experience.  Tanglewood’s unparalleled attention to detail, such as cast iron and steel parts with forged curls and intricate rosettes, is reminiscent of the great glass houses of the nineteenth century.

Iron work details

Interior of lavish pool enclosure by Tanglewood Conservatories

Whether it is an expansive, elegant space with room for entertaining and exotic plants or just a more simple design for your lap pool, Tanglewood’s team of architects and engineers will expertly guide you through the design and development process and then our team of craftsmen bring the drawings to life with installation on your site.  Tanglewood works seamlessly with your team of architects and designers and are the time-proven experts in these potentially challenging structures.  Issues such as heating and cooling, wiring and structural loading can be difficult when you consider the fact that conservatories (and pool enclosures) are not constructed with typical or standard 2” x 4″.   Tanglewood recommends bringing an expert in early on to help navigate and guide the project.

Enjoy the benefits of summer year round with no more worries about rain, leaves or insects and eliminate the chore of opening and closing your pool as summer comes to a close.  Don’t just dream of swimming in December – let’s make it a reality for 2015!

lap pool interior