Legacy Conservatories: What will yours entail?

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Imagine… creating a legacy that transcends generations. What would yours entail?

Does the combination of modern buildings and old world architecture inspire you? How would you make an impact on your home?

Aspiring to leave a lasting legacy is one of our clients driving forces behind creating a conservatory. They love the uniqueness of the architecture, the combination of historic beauty and modern technology while still possessing the ability to transform the structure into anything they dream of; to create a room that truly has no replica.

A recent client put it best, “every detail of my conservatory needs to be perfect. This is a legacy project. We are thinking of our children’s children!”

Building Inside Out

Have you ever traveled to the Schönbrunn Palm house Conservatory in Vienna, Austria? This magnificent structure is one of the most unique, historic conservatories in the world and is known best for its exoskeleton design. That exoskeleton is rare, and makes the conservatory look more massive and strong from the outside. Inside the glass seems connected mostly by its edges, presenting smooth sheets of transparency.

It is also the inspiration for a couple’s grand pool enclosure in the San Juan Islands.

Drawn to its unique look of strength and permanence, the family wanted to echo the exoskeleton design with a few upgrades. While we are quite familiar with building glass conservatories, we have never done one like this before! Normally the frame of a building is hidden between the inside and outside walls, but this design exposes everything.


In a typical glass conservatory, the frame or skeleton is on the inside with the glass hung or attached outside as the skin of the building. Of course, the glass not only creates the temperature controlled inside, it allows you to see the frame, but inside the glass. With the exoskeleton design, the interior of the conservatory glass is smooth and uninterrupted. In truth, we spent about six months consulting with engineers and brainstorming in order to create exactly the pool house our clients wanted.

The result is amazing. Although much smaller than the Schönbrunn, its exoskeleton creates exactly the look and strength the client wanted. The exoskeleton sparkles in the sunlight, just as the glass and the water in the pool shines in total concert with the harbor’s – all in an enclosure that’s about 1,900 square feet.

So, how would you create your legacy?

Let us help you create a structure that will awaken and delight for generations. Schedule a consultation or call 1-410 479 4700 to discuss your vision.

Now Offering: Italian-Crafted Windows & Doors

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Imagine, beautiful slim-line, steel or solid bronze windows and doors that are some of the most energy efficient in the world.

… Imagine that they are available in an amazing variety of colors, finishes, custom sizes and shapes; that they are the highest quality in the world.

Will you come dream with us?

Tanglewood has been named the exclusive Mid-Atlantic partner of Brombal products! In addition to our beautifully hand-crafted wood work, this new partnership adds breath to our product line and gives our clients access to a wide variety of hand crafted, high quality windows and doors made with Italian craftsmanship.


An internationally respected brand, Brombal meets the highest quality standard requirement thanks to their cherished family tradition and strong spirit of innovation; a great fit for Tanglewood clients! Each of their products is specifically requested and handmade in Italy.

Brombal Italy was founded in 1970 by Pietro Brombal. In 2011, Brombal USA was created to provide excellent customer service and commitment to U.S. customers. The company’s windows and doors have been used for new and restoration projects around the globe! Areas such as Italy, the United States, Romania and Belgium are just a touch of Brombal’s reach.


“Tanglewood is  thrilled to partner with Brombal in offering their products to the region and our clients,” says Alan “This is an exciting opportunity to explore new design possibilities for our customers and our company.”



As part of a custom conservatory or home renovation, we will be able to fully tailor customers’ window and door needs using Brombal products. Both wood and steel materials, more than a dozen color finished from stainless steel to nickel to cor-ten steel and unlimited shapes and sizes will be available.

Are you ready to come dream with us? For more information about Tanglewood and you’re project ideas fill out our Contact Us form and give us a call at 410.479.4700!