Conservatory Design – It’s all about the details…

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A Tanglewood Conservatory is more than just an addition that you could add to your home – we believe that our conservatories are true works of art.  That is why we do not have a ‘catalog’ of options or model numbers.  We can’t just order #9 from the gallery of pictures on our website or give you a price sheet as to the exact cost.  We do not maintain a list of standard ‘architectural details’.    We are artists and craftsmen that have spent the last 20+ years honing our skills and continually extending the boundaries of our creative abilities.


conservatory collage
Two conservatories – Two completely unique designs & concepts

When you contact Tanglewood, there is a conversation.  A discourse on what you most love about your home and how a conservatory could only add to the pleasure you get from where you live.  We believe that great architecture begins with your ideas and needs and not our preconceived notions of model a-z.  We take time to learn about you and work side by side with your architect and team.  Tanglewood listens closely and takes what is most important to you and assimilates that into the design.

We were working with one client that wanted to somehow incorporate the native flowers of the nearby meadow into his conservatory.  Tanglewood worked with an artist to capture the botanicals and interweave them into the design of glass work in the conservatory.

glass painting collage

Another client had a background in mathematics and Tanglewood designed a steel and bronze structure to reflect his love of all things math!  The great conservatories of the 19th century had intricate patterns in the steel to add design interest and lighten the structure.  Tanglewood incorporated the Fibonacci Sequence as the decorative element in the steel.  Our design team incorporated the first part of the sequence into each of the steel ribs in the core structure of the conservatory.  Starting at the apex, you can see the following pattern of holes cut into the steel:  1, 1, 2, 3, 5.  The resulting structure is a very unique work of art, incorporating centuries-old design and 21st century technology.

steel collage

A client in Florida had some real concerns about constructing with wood; she wanted low maintenance and wanted to protect her conservatory from potential insect and moisture damage.  She was very specific as to placement:  in the middle of an existing garden and next to a reflecting pond.  Tanglewood designed a structure that would blend naturally with the existing garden and pond and incorporated stain glass and a very special floor design.  But most importantly, to address the concerns the client had with potential moisture and insect issues, instead of using traditional wood or steel, Tanglewood built this conservatory from cast stone.

cast stone_reflecting collage

These are just a few of the clients that we worked with to create something unique to just them.  The details that will enhance their conservatory shouldn’t be forced upon you and your conservatory design.  Let’s chat about what details your conservatory should have…

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