Have you seen us in Virginia?

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… an elegant greenhouse designed to be a simple expression of the honest use of NATURAL MATERIALS. Resting in a beautiful garden, you can’t help but love it. Made of smooth, hand-crafted cedar with copper and stone accents, its CALMING ARCHITECTURE abounds with rare specimens of cacti and orchids – all in your own backyard!best-of

Recently featured in NORTHERN VIRGINIA MAGAZINE, this unique greenhouse is not only used to grow some unusual edible plants, but relished by its owner for the exotic feeling of being outdoors while completely enclosed within a glass jewel.


A Natural Retreat

Lynn Norusis, managing editor for Northern Virginia Magazine, wrote an article about this CEDAR GREENHOUSE in the May 2016 issue.

Lynn writes: “Tanglewood Conservatories builds rooms that blend the aesthetic of the 19th century with 21st century technology to create WONDERFUL, LIGHT-FILLED INDOOR/OUTDOOR SPACES. For those of us around the world who have a love for something about these old structures…the greenhouse in McLean hits a note with every aspect of its design.”

Read Lynn’s article, “A cedar greenhouse provides a natural retreat in McLeanand LEARN MORE about the project and the excitement and challenges of creating a custom unique greenhouse.

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