Super Sunshine – Tale or Truth?

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Does sunshine brighten YOUR morning?

When the snow begins to fall and we start layering ourselves in bundles of clothes, we seek the warmth of the sun and its NATURAL BOOST to get us started.

Starting your morning and even working throughout the day with access to sunlight can help BOOST your ENERGY to take on a busy day and BE PRODUCTIVE. The most common EFFECTS of natural light are closely drawn to positive effects on MOOD, HEALTH, PRODUCTIVITY and an INCREASE in overall well-being.

According to DR. PHYLLIS ZEE, professor of neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine:


“There is increasing evidence that exposure to light, during the day — particularly in the morning — is beneficial to your health


Is YOUR HEALTH gaining all these BENEFITS?

Where can we get the most of the sun’s natural boost during the winter? FROM OUR CONSERVATORIES!

MAXIMIZE your morning with SUNLIGHT!

A CONSERVATORY will add an increasing amount of natural light to your home! IMAGINE all the health benefits of a room almost entirely made of glass allowing natural light to DANCE around the room, creating a FUN, UPLIFTING and RELAXING ATMOSTPHERE! Not only will we feel MORE AWAKE and ENERGIZED, studies have shown NATURAL RAYS from the sun have MEDICINAL BENEFITS that positively affect multiple aspects of our lives. YOUR conservatory could serve not only as a relaxing reading area, but as a perfect space for exercise activities such as YOGA and PILATES or an OFFICE SPACE!

For more information on our conservatories and skylights, CLICK the links or give us a CALL at 410.479.4700 and ASK OUR TEAM about the effects conservatories have had on the families we’ve worked with!


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