2019 Events | A Celebration of Art & Architecture

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Image courtesy of Melanie Biehle | Seattle Refined

Are you a lover of art, architecture, and nature?

Since the 19th Century, people have been drawn to the transparent nature of conservatories. They allow us to feel more connected to the natural world without being exposed to the elements. Today, architects, builders, and even artists, such as Dale Chihuly, continue to design and build conservatories to create this inviting atmosphere.

In Chihuly’s latest exhibition at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Ohio, Chihuly: Celebrating Nature, art, architecture, and the natural world collide in a bold, colorful expression!

“I want people to be OVERWHELMED WITH LIGHT AND COLOR in the same way that they’ve never experienced.”


At a young age, Chihuly became fascinated with old-world conservatories and greenhouses and began to travel the world to study them. Years later, as his passion grew, he began to host art exhibits inside the great botanical conservatories around the world, bringing art enthusiasts and garden lovers together to experience both in a new way!

If you haven’t already, visit Franklin Park Conservatory and EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF ART UNDER GLASS! For more information about the exhibition, click HERE!

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Spotlight on Dale Chihuly

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Where there are conservatories, there is often amazing art. The same appreciation of light and beauty that leads to the development of a conservatory sparks an artistic spirit. In no person does this appreciation and aesthetic shine brighter than glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Chihuly’s art can be found from coast to coast in public installations and museums. With a deft hand and incomparable vision, Chihuly brings to life startling and inspiring sculptures in colored glass. His own biography shows off his unique connection to gardens and natural settings, stating “Chihuly’s lifelong affinity for glasshouses has grown into a series of exhibitions within botanical setting”.

Exhibits in conservatories like Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, Wright Park Arboretum in Tacoma and Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh have showcased some of the best of Dale Chihuly’s art, blending his freeform glass flowers with real tropical and native plant life. The natural light in the exhibits bring new dimension to the art. Chihuly’s art neatly complements the history and style of the iconic structures in which it is shown, blending glass and plant life and bringing new meaning to both.

This spring, Dale Chihuly will open a massive new collection of works in Seattle, Washington. Chihuly Garden and Glass will be the largest exhibit of Chihuly’s work to date in a public setting. Three separate areas encompassing more than 37,000 square feet will hold a dazzling array of pieces by this sculptor of gardens.