Tanglewood Conservatories on CWB cover.

Posted April 6th, 2009 by Alan Stein and filed in Magazine Articles
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Unbeknownst to me beforehand, Tanglewood Conservatories made it onto the cover of Custom Woodworking Business magazine this month! What a surprise when I opened the package with the issues of the magazine and saw the great cover shot of our conservatory interior.

Michaelle Bradford wrote the three page article on Tanglewood Conservatories titled “Bringing the Garden Inside- a Maryland company creates a ‘fantasy’ room for the home”. The piece focuses on how Nancy and I began the company and is the latest in Michaelle’s section called “Winning Niches”.

Michaelle is the Managing Editor of CWB as well as of several other Vance Publications and has the great job of flying around the country interviewing interesting people and writing about their stories.

I first met Michaelle in Germany last year when we were touring woodworking facilities and machinery manufacturers in the Black Forest region. I thought she had a great job then and I am even more impressed now.

Custom Woodworking Business magazine is an interesting publication geared towards; well- custom woodworking businesses. I had never heard of it before I met Michaelle. It addresses business issues, technical and production issues, marketing issues and strategic issues all highlighted using case studies involving “industrial strength” woodworking business (as their cover notes).

For example in this issue, there is an article on Terry Bostwick’s custom furniture line. Terry first gained national recognition for his “Art Nuvo”- style furniture but has more recently moved towards more modern pieces such as his “Slab” series. He’s got some cool looking stuff.

Then there is a column on Management Strategies titled: “The Full, Fast Truth” which talks about running an efficient woodworking business, and another profile of a company in Colorado that manufactures some very nice high-end custom doors.

And finally, there’s an article about airbrushing techniques and an “equipment spotlight” column.

A nice little niche publication.

Thanks Michaelle.