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I got this note the other day from a colleague who builds conservatories in England. She had responded to the article that was just put on The Proper Home website.

“I think it’s brilliant that Tanglewood’s conservatories are getting recognition from a third party. As an independent conservatory company it’s good to see others who take an even more passionate and creative approach than we do to building conservatories/summer houses – which are a fantastic english tradition!”

Thank you Stephanie. We always appreciate it best when someone from our own industry recognizes our efforts. Among other things we strive for is to raise the bar for our entire industry.

Our goal is to build the very best hardwood conservatories in the world in terms of architecture and product quality, to provide our customers with the very best purchasing and ownership experience in the world and to offer our employees one of the very best places to work in the world.

Hopefully others will follow suit and together we can make a real difference.


Tanglewood Conservatories on The Proper Home website

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Alan amp; Nancy Virts

The Proper Home, a website which bills itself as The Expert Resource for Quality Homeowners, has just posted an article showcasing Tanglewood and the way in which Nancy and I founded the company.

The article is titled: “Tanglewood Conservatories, A Beautiful Life” “When you think of the ultimate conservatories, Tanglewood Conservatories stands alone. In this story, we explore how Tanglewood came to be and explore the results of passion and a true labor of love.”

It’s a story I enjoyed!