The Magic of Smart Glass

Posted May 18th, 2016 by Nicole Mihalos and filed in Dynamic Glass, General, Pool Enclosures, Skylights
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Are you one of the many who are enlivened by natural light but don’t enjoy its overbearing heat or chilling cold when it is gone?

A glass room can bring an ABUNDANCE OF BENEFITS to your home and now we can enhance those benefits! Glass is enchanting, and getting smarter all the time. You no longer have to depend on the weather to be comfortable under glass, nor try using shades or painting glass to give you control over how much light it lets in.


How is that possible?

Smart glass (also known as e-glass, intelligent glass, switchable glass, and self-tinting glass) is created when special materials, like nano-particles and liquid crystal, are sandwiched between layers of glass, Diagramchanging its properties to respond to light or electricity. We are most familiar with two types, Active and Passive.

ACTIVE SMART GLASS requires the use of electricity. When the electricity flows through a special layer within the glass, its transparency is changed to translucent or even opaque literally at the turn of a dial. Active glass allows you to MANUALLY CONTROL how the glass in your conservatory behaves, like magic!


PASSIVE SMART GLASS, on the other hand, responds to surrounding environmental conditions, adapting to its changes almost instantaneously. This allows your glass room to create the PERFECT BALANCE of natural light and heat while preserving an amazing view.  As the sun heats the glass, it becomes more opaque and when clouds pass or night falls, the glass cools and returns to its transparent state.

See it in Action!

Currently, we are creating a marvelous POOL ENCLOSURE using smart glass technology, assuring swimmers and sunbathers total comfort regardless of the weather. We understand the importance of COMFORT and EFFICIENCY in your glass structure. Using either active or passive smart glass to create your conservatory or other structure will ADD VALUE to your home while giving you and your guests a truly special place to relax and enjoy.

We’d love to show you what we can do with it! GIVE US A CALL at 410.479.4700 or fill out the form on our contact page. We’d be happy to discuss smart glass with you.


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