We are thankful for YOU!

Posted November 23rd, 2016 by Nicole Mihalos and filed in Conservatory Projects
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huntsville botanical gardensEvery year we are thankful for our family, our team, our current and future clients, our friends, and community who have helped us get to where we are today.

This month we also want to take the time to thank two companies who have made an impact on our lives and who have also become great friends.

We were delighted when Turner Construction in Alabama reached out to us to partner with them in creating and building a conservatory for the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.

The botanical garden

Best known as the Community Gardens, the Huntsville Botanical Gardens was a favored spot even before they decided to add a conservatory. They created it because, according to President and CEO Paula Steigerwald, they “wanted an event space and room to be the jewel of event spaces to attract people and leave an impression.”

Matheny Goldmon Architecture & Interiors had been brought in to do the drawings. As soon as their architect, James Curley, heard what the Botanical Gardens wanted, he took fire and created the conceptual design for the conservatory. It was the first time Curley had attempted such a project and what a job he did; he fashioned the WOW factor. He also understood from the beginning that Tanglewood was the only company that could bring his vision to life without changing the integrity of the design.

A single donor fell so in love with James’ concept that the donor funded the whole project! Turner construction wanted to ensure the integrity of that design. In fact, everyone involved knew it was important to keep design integrity and maintain the look and sense the way it was meant to be.

A WOW of a Partnership

Tripp Floyd, Preconstruction Manager at Turner Construction Company, and Walker Thuston,

Walker Thurston
Walker Thurston
Tripp Floyd
Tripp Floyd

PMP, LEED AP, also of Turner, were great. You might have thought we’d all learned to build together when we were kids. They were excellent communicators and totally understood that we are not typical builders, that everything we do is custom built.

Later, word came down through our own production manager that although several of the companies Turner had approached were less costly than we were, none of them seemed to understand how important the design was. They wanted to make changes. We understood the need to honor the design as it was first conceived.

Matheny Goldmon Architecture & Interiors handled the rest of the building, except for the roof, assuring the original design was kept intact. We loved working with them. Their company culture is “Making spaces and places that enrich people’s lives or increase the creative influence in a workspace. We’re about ideas and opportunities.”

We fount them to be true to their word. As we work together our appreciation for each other’s commitment and creativity continue to grown.

When coupled with the wonderful people at Turner, whose vision is “To be the highest value provider of global construction services and technical expertise” 

we knew we’re working with the absolute best. 

What was most memorable about this partnership?

There were many moments when we thrilled at how well the partnership was working.

Tanglewood’s Project Manager, Delfina Ezcurra, put it this way:

It was a partnership through and through. We really worked well together and we were treated like equal partners. They were very kind and helpful and we felt they wanted us to succeed just as much as we wanted them to succeed – they always gave a helping hand anytime we needed it.

conservatory designAlmost complete

The roof is ours!

The roof is a magnificent 812 square feet of glass and light; the copula stands above it all.

The conservatory is being built with Sapele, Mahogany, Steel and Copper. Nearing completion, this beautiful conservatory will be open to the public soon. It will be a must-see, we promise.


More to Come

This project with Matheny Goldmon and Turner makes us eager for more of the same.

We look forward to forming more partnerships to create a room that not only fashions the peaceful and restful spot you want now, but adds to the legacy you want to build for the future.

Call us at 410-479-4700 to get started designing the conservatory of your dreams, or you can fill out the form on our contact page to begin.


Image of Huntsville Botanical Gardens

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