What was your childhood dream home?

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When you were a child, did you dream of owning a home with a bowling alley or movie theater or greenhouse in your home?

Do you still want one?

Housed under this beautiful 40,000 square foot home rests a racquetball court, bowling alley, media room and more! What could they POSSIBLY be missing?

During construction of their dream home the architect was tasked with designing several of the home’s unique rooms; then the idea of a greenhouse arose so the architect reached out to partner with Tanglewood to take over this aspect of the renovations!


The client had big ideas, dreaming of an old world industrial look with a twist – but how do you incorporate almost impossible elements designed over 100 years ago?

We laboriously researched books of old buildings and historic old world greenhouses that inspired our designs and as the great conservatories and greenhouses stood long ago, this greenhouse would reflect a decorative steel structure with curved rooflines bringing a “light” feel to the room.

Look closely…PicMonkeky_NRF Outside Zoom

The use of circular motifs in the steel beams, stained glass and in the architectural details lighten the framework. The copper roof and dark stained mahogany on the interior and exterior and gutters disappear into the open glass room. As elements came together the greenhouse held a transparent feel, just as old world conservatories/greenhouses had displayed.

Now take a closer look…

Specially requested by the client, designed within the stained glass and steel beams four leaf clovers showcase her native Ireland, bring a piece of her into its structure.

PicMonkey_4 Leaf Clover Close Up - NRF

No matter the lengths we are dedicated to our partnerships with our clients and our partners to turn every dream into a reality. Our skilled craftsman’s strong background in historic structures allows us to relate, NOT replicate, each and every design, creating TRUE ONE OF A KIND works of art.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Let’s get your dream started – Call us at 410.479.4700 and click here to get your project started!

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