Tanglewood’s Story

What began as a labor of love blossomed into what Tanglewood is today; the leader in the design and construction of beautifully handcrafted glass architecture. From conservatories to greenhouses to pool enclosures and custom skylights, each Tanglewood project is designed to fit the needs and passions of its owner. Our conservatories grace and enhance beautiful homes around the globe. They are designed and built with a clear vision – to change the way we live our lives. They instantly become the most beloved room in any home.


You never say “No” to a challenge. You listen and understand our client’s dreams of the space they want to create and then bring it to life with your inspirational drawings. Your breadth of knowledge about architecture and passion for creating beautifully designed structures will inspire and direct our whole company as your handcrafted design moves through Tanglewood in various forms until finally brought to its final home.


Tanglewood was founded on a passion and the drive to be the first to discover new ways of designing structures. For over 20 years our designs have continued to impress us, taking on what appears to be impossible and transforms it into reality. Working together, from the art of design to the art of engineering to the art of production and installation, we are only limited by our imagination.

Your Day

You will artistically bring visions of beauty to life to make a significant impact on Tanglewood’s customers’ lives through your distinctive design. Having the ability to listen and communicate articulately while working with our sales and engineering teams will help you work through details of the project. Your drawings will be turned into astonishing works of art.



Be a part of something great. Become a member of our team!


An Equal Opportunity Employer