Global Sales

Tanglewood’s Story

What began as a labor of love blossomed into what Tanglewood is today; the leader in the design and construction of beautifully handcrafted glass architecture. From conservatories to greenhouses to pool enclosures and custom skylights, each Tanglewood project is designed to fit the needs and passions of its owner. Our conservatories grace and enhance beautiful homes around the globe. They are designed and built with a clear vision – to change the way we live our lives. They instantly become the most beloved room in any home.


A driven person who’s not afraid to seek out high end clientele. Your goal is to create clients for life by creating a raving fan experience for every client we serve. You are actively pursuing new opportunities to build relationships with others in our industry and open to learning new techniques in the art of the sale.


Tanglewood is founded on the vision to inspire everyone we touch through the creation of extraordinary glass architecture. We seek to live our vision each day through our actions and decisions made both internally and externally. You drive our culture and set the example to lead those to achieving our vision, mission, and values and spreading them to our clients.

Your Day

You are constantly building strong relationships with our clients and partners while working to make the sale. Interacting efficiently both verbally and in writing with clients, Tanglewood is always at the tip of your tongue with each person you come in contact with. Motivated to staying positive, focused and forward thinking, our clients are your highest priority!

Be a part of something great. Become a member of our team!


An Equal Opportunity Employer