Glass Specialist

Tanglewood’s Story

What began as a labor of love blossomed into what Tanglewood is today; the leader in the design and construction of beautifully handcrafted glass architecture. From conservatories to greenhouses to pool enclosures and custom skylights, each Tanglewood project is designed to fit the needs and passions of its owner. Our conservatories grace and enhance beautiful homes around the globe. They are designed and built with a clear vision – to change the way we live our lives. They instantly become the most beloved room in any home.


Do you want to have the pleasure of being a part of every facet of crafting our beautiful conservatories? Your goal is to learn new skills and techniques while honing in on opportunities to display the skills you already have. You are always looking for opportunities to help our team become more effective, efficient, and provide our clients with the highest of quality!


We bring value to our clients beyond just the construction of a new room. The clients love us and you will love what you create; it makes getting up in the morning a whole lot better! We operate in safe working conditions and a friendly environment while bringing the most value to our team members and clients.

Your Day

What won’t you have your hand in? What you do is a specialty few possess. Your responsibilities managing our glass shop would include but are not limited to glazing window sash and checking in and inspecting incoming glass deliveries.  Occasionally you may lead a team to travel to past clients in replacing old or damaged glass windows.

What We’d Like to See

Level 1 Proficiencies

  • Specialized training in glass fabrication and glazing
  • Previous experience fabricating/ glazing/ installing glass at a reputable company
  • Proficient in use of glass cutting/fabrication tools
    • Just to name a few: glass cutter, circle/oval cutter jigs, squares, super spacer shuttles, glass press, glass water, PPE, etc.
  • Advanced skills using the above tools would be an asset

Level 2 Proficiencies

  • Glass washer and press
  • Glass fabrication safety rules and practices
  • Glass adhesives, abrasives, and fasteners


Be a part of something great. Become a member of our team


An Equal Opportunity Employer