Cupolas & Roof Lanterns

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The architectural element known as a cupola is oftentimes a small, dome-like structure that is placed on top of a roof or other domed structure. Cupolas evolved from the 16th century architectural feature known as an oculus, which means circular window. The word cupola itself derives from the Italian, Latin and Greek words meaning small or upside down cup. Cupolas and roof lanterns are lovely to look at but also have practical uses; they are used most often to provide a special lookout or to admit light or add ventilation to the dome upon which they sit.

Tanglewood Conservatories prides itself on being able to create custom cupolas and roof lanterns in any shape or size. Our cupola designs begin with a conversation about your home, your dreams for it and what requirements those dreams need to fit into. It doesn’t matter if you want a glass, window cupola or a copper cupola, we will work with you to achieve the custom cupola of your dreams. If you have a cupola design already architected, we will take those plans and turn your creation into reality. If your cupola design has not yet taken shape and you need some guidance one of our conservatory architects will work closely with you to mold it into a custom cupola that will be both useful and beautiful, and one that will last for generations.

Glass cupolas and copper cupolas are lovely architectural additions to any home, or any building for that matter. But they also serve a practical use. A ventilating cupola will help during the warmer summer months to remove the hot air that rises and collects in the ceiling of a room. A glass cupola can provide a unique vantage point from which to view the surrounding countryside, neighborhood or downtown area. A copper cupola will oxidize to a rich, beautiful patina over time and enhance the beauty of the roofline in a unique wonderful way.

No matter what type of material or size you choose, Tanglewood Conservatories looks forward to working with you to create a one of a kind custom cupola or roof lantern for your next building project. The cupola design you create will be a lasting architectural element that will be enjoyed for years to come.