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ImagineWalking into a room filled with ever changing natural light.You see light dancing around this timeless room skillfully crafted to your vision.You feel its rejuvenating sensations. Whether it is an elegant greenhouse a spacious pool enclosure or an extravagant skylight a Tanglewood conservatory will be as unique as you it will delight inspire and invigorate all who enter. Each structure is a unique work of art the perfect combination of award-winning design with the finest craftsmanship and materials that create a building that stands the test of time. How do we do that Timeless Architecture. Innovative Design.Your Dream. A fine Tanglewood Conservatory is more than just another room. Few structures match its sense of history its combination of elegance and thoughtful details. Few structures can make such a difference to a home and the family living within it. We invite you to take a stroll through our gallery of luxurious glass retreats. Learn about our unique hands on process. Discover how your dream will evolve into a work of art unique in all the world. Find solutions to important questions. Hear from our elite community of families. Made exclusively for youTanglewood will bring your vision to life. Designed and engineered to your tastes. Custom tailored to fulfill your dreams. What is your home if not one of a kind 2 Welcome to Tanglewood Conservatories 3 4 About Us.....................................7 Join Our Community................11 CreatingYour Dream.................15 Step InsideYour Luxurious Tanglewood Lifestyle.................23 See Tanglewood Around the World...................................26 Contents 5 6 A Little About Us We are architects. We are craftsman. We are a custom builder of dreams. 7 How Because of YOU. Established in 1993 in Maryland what began as a labor of love by our founders has evolved into a thriving international business. We are inspired by every relationship we create with the families we serve. Each luxury conservatory greenhouse and spa enclosure begins in the minds of our visionary clientele.We are heirs to a 300 year old craft and woodworking tradition which began in the Chesapeake Bay region where skipjack sailboats were used for oystering. Now as worldwide leaders in the design and construction of conservatories we bring our expertise and commitment to you. Driven by the inspiration of 19th century steel and glass conservatories we combine the timeless architecture of the 19th century with state of the art technology to create modern classics. The Tanglewood Story tells of our journey from small beginnings and our commitment to creating fine art in perfect glass structures. Have you seen us in the newsView our Press Coverage. See the scope of our work. We create signature residential and commercial conservatories greenhouses orangeries decorative steel canopies and custom domes lanterns and skylights. tanglewoodconservatories.com8 9 10 Join Our Community Have you ever sipped tea in a fine sunlit conservatory Shared a private moment beneath the stars Basked in the warmth of the suns rays while safe and sound inside your home 11 We craft beautifully designed spaces flooded with natural light. Relax unwind and enjoy a cup of tea while watching dawns pink glow arise. Sip fine wine with friends and family underneath the calming night sky. Read about the experiences of families who we have helped. If so you have felt the spell of conservatories as we first did many years ago. 12 If Im going to have a conservatory its going to be aTanglewood Tanglewood isnt just building manufacturing and installing conservatoriesthey are making art. Great view of the lunar eclipse tonight through the windows in the conservatory. Wonderful. Tanglewood makes these structures that look like they BELONG on your house 13 14 CreatingYour Dream We believe great architecture begins with your ideas feelings and needsnot ours.The process is interactive and collaborative. 15 With over 20 years of experience we find these beautiful glass rooms will almost immediately become the most favorite room of a home and enrich your lifestyle. We understand what it takes to make your project successful.With decades of design construction and management experience our team will guide you and your team through the process. From big picture thinking to the small details we have you covered It begins with your visionand ends with an inspired space that is truly the only one of its kind. I couldnt believe the impact this room has on my family friends and life. 16 17 Each Tanglewood structure begins with a conversation about you your home and your needs.What is your dream for this structure How do you see yourself using this room What is most important to you In the hands of a skilled and imaginative architect the answers to these questions become the foundation for the design of your room. What are my design options We believe in maximizing your vision to its full potential embracing your ideas and desires to create a structure custom-fit to you and your family. No limitations. No preconceived model. No standard or premade parts. Tanglewood will develop multiple versions of design concepts and budget options for your review.Typically projects range between 100000 and 5000000. If you have other members on your team such as an architect we welcome the opportunity to work with them. Much of our best work is done alongside other architects and designers Our expert team will hand draw each conceptual design carefully crafting each detail until all design solutions are refined and updated to meet your approval. Conceptual Design and Design Development services are rendered a flat fee based on the scale of the project and a proposal will be provided. YourVision 18 I was making hand gestures trying to explain what I wanted and he just sat down and listened and drew it right in front of me 19 Your Project Manager ATanglewood project manager and logistic coordinator will be appointed to oversee all aspects of your project and serve as your point of contact.After the conceptual design has been approved a detailed set of Shop Drawings is created.These drawings and plans are what our craftsmen will use to build the parts and pieces of your conservatoryand what your general contractor will use to complete their phases of the work.The Shop Drawings include floor plans roof plans elevations construction details layout plans and structural and electrical plans. 20 Its like a getaway resort on your own property. The drawings and plans will be reviewed and approved by a registered structural engineer using the code requirements of the locality in which your building will be constructed.When completed we will review the Shop Drawings with you and your team so that everyone can be sure that your room will be perfect. Production Installation EveryTanglewood structure is produced at our facility in Denton Maryland USA. Handcrafted by some of the most skilled artisans your structure is manufactured assembled and erected in our facility to assure a perfect fit.Then the structure is disassembled numbered wrapped and packaged and shipped to your location where the same craftsman who built your room will bring it to life at your home. Our logistics coordinator will arrange the shipping details and travel schedule of our installation team to ensure smooth transitions. Installation times may vary with the scale and complexity of each job but can range between two weeks to several months. 21 22 Step inside your luxuriousTanglewood lifestyle What makes a luxury conservatory possible Experience. Design. Timelessness. Rarity. 23 24 We take pride in designing creating and building the most artistic unique and beautiful conservatories greenhouses pool houses and skylights in the world.These structures can only be created one wayfrom ideas that originate with YOUR dreams. We hope you have enjoyed this presentation of our work. Give us a call to talk about your ideas your aspirations and see what we can do to bring the magic of a glass structure to your family. Please contact us with any questions or call 410.479.4700 to begin your journey. Conservatories Pool Enclosures Greenhouses Steel Conservatories and Greenhouses Domes Roof Lanterns Cupolas and Skylights Exquisite Details 25 SeeTanglewood Around theWorld Tanglewood is Americas premier designer and builder of these imaginative glass structures. Our conservatories grace many of the finest homes and businesses around the world from grand mansions and country estates to contemporaries and vacation retreats from Connecticut to California to Shanghai. Each room is individually handcrafted in our workshop on Marylands historic Eastern Shore. tanglewoodconservatories.com26