Custom Modern Greenhouse

This elegant backyard greenhouse has a steeply pitched, copper roof and trim made from simple cedar boards that match the main house.

A Modern-Styled Custom Greenhouse

Greenhouse Exterior DetailThe design of the custom designed greenhouse is uncluttered by ornate details. Its elegance results only from the proportions of its simple geometric forms – triangles and rectangles.

Up close, the room is a medley of textures as well. Smoothly machined cedar surfaces of the windows are contrasted with the rough sawn cedar trim boards. All are stained a light golden amber and left to weather naturally.

The roof is clad with copper and a simple half round gutter further matches the room to the main house.

The design is not intended to be anything but a completely modern expression of the honest use of natural materials – wood, glass, copper and stone and it sits easily in the landscape, content to be just that. If it were smaller with a less prominent roof pitch, it would be lost in the landscape and unable to provide the sufficient focal anchor that it does.

Exterior Windows on Custom GreenhouseThe landscape designer skillfully integrated this custom designed, freestanding greenhouse into the landscape by artistically incorporating a stone garden wall into the room itself. On the inside, orchids will inhabit the cracks and crevices between the stones and find their way up the walls.

Outside the room, the well-mannered stone coursing erupts into a violently charged stack of muscled blocks and at the flip of a switch, it transforms itself into an artistic waterfall filling the adjacent Koi pond.

From the house, the presence of the custom designed greenhouse draws one out into nature, to experience both the joys of the natural outdoors as well as the astonishment at the assortment and diversity of exotic species displayed within the room.

Rare specimens of cacti and orchids abound. Year round, this self contained horticultural jewel box will provide its owner with a relaxing get a way and a place to indulge his much loved hobby.
This greenhouse of simple natural cedar seems at home against its forest backdrop where it anchors the edge of the manicured world.