Custom Glass Dome Conservatory

The fit and finish of a Tanglewood conservatory has more in common with sculpture than carpentry. Our custom conservatories are intricate, complex, highly detailed structures – and each one is unique.

Glass Domed Conservatory

Interior of Glass DomeThis custom hardwood conservatory with its towering curved glass dome and lead-coated copper cupola was originally intended to be a mere greenhouse. Situated at the end of the house adjacent to the garage, it turned out to be so spectacular that the owners decided to use it as a cloistered Great Room instead!

It fronts on a small well-kept lawn and is surrounded by colorful garden flowers. The main drive up to the home runs alongside the conservatory’s entry which is covered by a glass-roofed canopy supported on brick piers.

Identical doors on the opposite side open to the gardens

Beautiful to look at and magical to be in, a conservatory quickly becomes a focal point in your home.
behind. The curving forms of the conservatory harmonize well with those of the house.

Constructed of beautiful mahogany stained to a deep rich tone that allows the full character of the wood to gleam through, the conservatory was then finished with a special resin-based coating that is unlikely to need further care. The mahogany is perfectly matched to the other woodwork on the exterior of the new home. Windows and doors are mahogany as are the numerous other parts and pieces of wood trim.

Located near Detroit Michigan, the hardwood conservatory design had to be built to withstand the harsh wintertime conditions there. The specially designed structure utilizes steel parts that are hidden within the delicate woodwork. As always, the structural engineering as well as the supply and installation of all steel parts is included in Tanglewood’s work.

Inside the room, the beautifully-finished mahogany interior is on full display and frames the panoramic skyscape through the glass dome above. The owners keep the room filled with exotic varieties of orchids year round, with a bubbling fountain providing much of the humidity – a mere greenhouse indeed!

Throwing away the mold every day presents Tanglewood with new and continuous challenges giving us the dream opportunity of bringing these wondrous, original creations to life.