Our Heritage

Frick Art & Historical Center
7. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Frick Victorian Greenhouse      Frick Conservatory Greenhouse

Clayton Estate in Pittsburgh, is the former home of Henry Clay Frick, one of America’s great industrialists and art collectors. Later, the estate would become home to his daughter Helen Clay Frick who would continue to expand the art collection before turning it over to the Frick Art & Historical Center now located on the beautifully landscaped lot in Pittsburgh’s East End.

The custom greenhouse is a partial reconstruction of one that served the Frick family from 1897 through the 1970’s. When Henry and Adelaide Frick purchased Clayton in 1882, they also had a small greenhouse built near the Homewood Avenue fence line. It was used to grow flowers and tropical plants for Clayton, annuals from seed for outdoor beds, a variety of vegetables and mushrooms.

In 1897, the Frick’s engaged architects Alden & Harlow to undertake several building projects on their estate. The firm, which had offices in Pittsburgh and Boston, made minor renovations to their home and created a playhouse for the Frick children as well as a new greenhouse. The original Homewood Avenue greenhouse was demolished and a larger, new structure was built in its place.