Our Heritage

Palacio de Cristal


Beginning in the early nineteenth century, and lasting for the next 50 years, the popularity of the glass conservatory grew along with the plants they displayed. They grew in size, architectural novelty and sheer grandeur as the engineering acumen and production capabilities of the age also grew.

The industrial revolution with it’s fixation on mass- production along with the development of steel and glass as building materials enabled a new age of architectural possibilities and the conservatory was one of it’s most exuberant expressions.

Today these architectural wonders, so whimsical, so idealistic and so energetic, serve as inspiration to us in a time similarly fixed on the efficiencies of mass production – though lacking the richness borne of the architectural traditions of our past.

Tanglewood Conservatories seeks to rediscover and reinvent the blending of modern, efficient production techniques along with the traditional sensitivity to form, proportion, materials and detail.

Please join us in honoring and enjoying these great Grandfathers of Tanglewood’s work. There is much to learn from them.