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Conservatory Design — It’s All About the Details…

Welcome to Tanglewood Conservatories we are glad you are here! We have created this web site in the same way we create our custom conservatories, greenhouses, and pool and spa enclosures — with care and attention to detail and beauty!
We invite you to take a peaceful stroll through our intimate steel and glass structures; step into our Conservatory Gallery where you will find custom conservatories built with classic, antique, Victorian or Georgian architectural styles. Then move on to view the exquisite details and features that make our swimming pool enclosuresgreenhouse and palm house designs, and other steel and glass structure creations so very unique and unparalleled in magnificence.

We think that these scenes will make you want to enjoy a cup of tea while watching dawn’s pink glow in one of our antique greenhouse designs, or sip a fine wine at sunset in a custom glass conservatory. Begin your day with the greenery and bright colors of outdoor gardens while watching the lightening of the morning sky, or wash away the stress of the day with dusk’s orange, blue and purple hues. Entertain family and friends in the comforts of home, yet be close to nature while being protected from too cool breezes or little creatures that can annoy.

Custom glass conservatories and antique greenhouses have graced fine homes and buildings in Europe and the Middle East for centuries. Tanglewood has embraced that heritage and adapted it for American climates, tastes and architectural styles. The Tanglewood Story tells of our journey to merge today’s technology with fine art and in the process creating a perfect glass structure handcrafted exclusively for you.

We want to capture your imagination; therefore, we invite you to examine Working Together to learn how our personalized and customized conservatory design process works. Let us show you how our artisans construct dream conservatories, greenhouses, and pool and spa enclosures. See how each pool house design is special, and how each conservatory and glass swimming pool enclosure is distinctive. We listen to you and your ideas. We learn about your lifestyle and passions. Many of our best ideas come from our conversations with you.

After listening to you, Tanglewood Conservatories collaborates with architects, designers and builders. Our turnkey approach makes your job easier. We take responsibility for all the details of the project from design development, to structural engineering, to flashings and finishes. Our years of experience and obsession with the details will ensure that no matter what type of steel and glass structure you want to build, it will be unique, beautiful, and enjoyable for years to come.

We take pride in designing, creating and building the best custom conservatories, glass greenhouses, pool and spa enclosures, and steel structures from ideas that you bring to us. At Tanglewood Conservatories, our goal is to make your dreams come true.