Honors and Awards

Better With Less

Alan, Nancy and Comptroller  Better with Less Award


Presented by Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot

Quote for Better with LessAlan and Nancy are thrilled to have been nominated for and awarded the “Doing Better With Less Award” and are thankful to everyone who had a part in making this award possible.

Large and small businesses alike have been affected by the downturn in the U.S. economy. Many have had to lay off employees or cut back on hours or pay. Tanglewood Conservatories was not immune to these conditions and had to make cuts to their management force in order to counteract the dip in revenues they experienced in 2010. Streamlining operations using both high tech and low-tech options became important. Founders, Alan and Nancy Virts, used the challenges they faced to become more efficient and “do better with less.” This brought them recognition from Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot and his “Doing Better With Less” program.

Better With Less PresentationOn June 16, 2011, Franchot, along with J.O.K. Walsh (Caroline Economic Development Corporation Executive Director), Maryland State Delegate Adelaide Eckardt, and Don Mulrine (Denton, Maryland’s Town Manager) presented Alan and Nancy with the “Doing Better With Less” award. Businesses in each county in Maryland were nominated for this newly developed program. Comptroller Franchot has been traveling the state to deliver the awards and to personally meet with and “recognize those extraordinary companies that have weathered the financial storm.”

Delegate Eckardt praised Tanglewood for being able to continue to manufacture their conservatories and is appreciative of their efforts to continue producing quality products. J.O.K Walsh is proud to have Tanglewood Conservatories headquartered in Caroline County and is pleased to have been a big part of Alan and Nancy Virts’ decision to relocate their business from Silver Spring to Denton. He said that he could tell when he met them, that they were on their way to being recognized as a world-class organization with their custom conservatory ideas.