C O N C E P T "Through collaboration, we are able to create what appears to be impossible" All projects start with a client's vision. In this industry, architects, designers, and builders have a gift for bringing their client's ideas to life through their experience and give form to that vision. They take what appears to be a complex puzzle of needs, piece various ideas together to develop a concept, then partner with others to bring it into being. For this recent project, Tanglewood partnered with Clites Architects, Horizon Builders, and Fritz & Gignoux landscape architects to transform a client's vision into reality. 1 C O L L A B O R A T I O N The client spoke of a sunroom with a "grand star-shaped display of light gracefully beaming through the roof". Their suburban home sits amidst a manicured landscape created by Fritz & Gignoux who worked with the clients to develop the initial design concept for the project. After producing more than a dozen sketches, the client settled on one that included a functional yet beautiful sunroom conservatory. Fritz & Gignoux’s concept had the conservatory attached to an inner corner of the house surrounded with terraces, stone walls and a serene reflecting pool.