2 It was important to merge the landscape and new sunroom into one effortless design so that the clients would feel they were outdoors even when they were inside behind the glass walls. Once the overall concept was completed, Clites Architects, Horizon Builders and Tanglewood Conservatories began to develop the conservatory. The star-shaped skylight design was a very unique feature. The architect described the early phases of the design process as “experimenting with all kinds of new ideas that morphed over time” "We were seeking a design that would accurately reflect the client’s vision of a starburst shape but that we could actually build” “It began as just a flat glass plane in a starburst shape and then we separated it into a cluster of stars as if they were in a constellation. Then we decided to raise it up into a three dimensional form with undulating planes of glass. It became a very complex geometric shape at that point”. The main challenge with the design was how to minimize the amount of steel framing required to support the intricate shape. “We wanted the skylight to be like a crystalline glass jewel in a minimalist setting and did not want the heavy steel framing that we thought would be required.”