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 Architectural Digest Spread

Custom Conservatories – Architectural Digest

A decade on, a house and its architect meet again

By Maureen Alley

Art has its place in many areas within a home, including the backyard. When Founders of Tanglewood Conservatories began their company, they provided a way to create unique outdoor works of art for any home.

“We are about setting up a collaborative venture with designers, architects and builders to find out what homeowners want, and designing something unique for each client, house and site. We aren’t about producing the same room over and over again,” says Alan, president and director of architecture of the Denton, Md.-based company.

Each conservatory is custom designed and built, and Tanglewood manages every aspect of the product’s creation from design to construction. “We make everything — windows, doors, trimwork — so we have complete control over the design,” Alan says. “We can do whatever we want and are not limited to someone else’s capabilities.”

Conservatories can include a range of different materials including maple, mahogany, steel, copper and more. “A lot of the details are historically based but adapted to each particular project,” he says.

Many of the conservatories Tanglewood has produced feature traditional design, but it also has designed some modern projects. “Much of the work harkens back to 1900 traditional architecture because that’s where the market is,” Alan adds.

Designers and builders considering a Tanglewood conservatory should contact the company as early as possible for the best results, Alan says. “We have come to understand that the sooner we are involved, the better. Successful projects are built by successful teams. Bring in the experts and bring them in early, and you will be amazed at the difference in the project.”

The lead time is approximately six months but can take a year or two for larger, more complicated projects.