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Tanglewood Conservatories Press Releases

October 2012 Great Conservatories of the 19th Century
A lecture by Alan Stein for the Acadamy of Lifelong Learning. 
March 2012 New Operations Manager
Tanglewood Conservatories announces their newest team member, Tom Costello. 
November 2011 “ExportMD Award” given to Tanglewood Conservatories
Tanglewood Conservatories has begun exploration of expanding trade into China with the help of the “ExportMD Award”. 
October 2011 Africa Project Awarded to Tanglewood Conservatories
Tanglewood Conservatories has begun development for its first structure to be installed on the African continent. 
September 2011 Preservation Maryland Fundraiser
Tanglewood Conservatories is proud to take part in a fundraiser for Preservation Maryland, at the Wye House 
June 2011 Better With Less Award
Tanglewood Conservatories is presented with the “Better with Less” Award by Maryland Comptroller, Mr. Peter Franchot. 
July 2010 Wintergarten-Fachverband Membership
Alan, the President of Tanglewood Conservatories, is given membership to Wintergarten-Fachverband in Hamburg, Germany. 
June 2010 Wintergarten-Fachverband Dinner
Alan, the President of Tanglewood Conservatories, asked to speak at the Wintergarten-Fachverband Dinner in Hamburg, Germany. 
Architectural Digest Magazine
Tanglewood’s Steel & Glass Pool Pavilion Featured in Article 
May 2010 Tanglewood Conservatories Participates in AIA National Convention in Miami
Alan of Tanglewood Conservatories will discuss the latest in Steel, Green and Wood Crafting technology used in conservatory design at the AIA National Convention in Miami. 
April 2010 Benefits of Going $Green by Alan at Tanglewood Conservatories
Tanglewood Conservatories, Alan, discusses the benefits of Going $Green in the workplace at the Woodworking Industry Conference in Monterey, California. 
Photographs of Tanglewood Conservatories on Display at Wintergarten-Fachverband
Wintergarten-Fachverband is displaying photographs of Tanglewood Conservatories at the Fensterbau/Frontale 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany 
Tanglewood Conservatories: Paul Rogers To Oversee Green Sustainability Efforts
Tanglewood Conservatories appoints Paul Rogers as ‘Sustainability Czar’ to spearhead Green and Sustainability efforts. 
December 2009 Steel & Glass Project
Alan has announced the completion of the company’s largest “old-world-style” steel and glass pool enclosure project. 
April 2009 MTES Advisory Board
Alan, the President of Tanglewood Conservatories, has joined the MTES Advisory Board. 
May 2008 Tanglewood Conservatories Introduces Copper Clad Wood Conservatory
Tanglewood Conservatories is proud to announce their newest line. 
March 2008 UM Helps Tanglewood Conservatories Transition From Builder to Global Manufacturer
Tanglewood Conservatories stream lines production with the help of MTES. 
Botanical & Palm Houses
Tanglewood Conservatories Introduces Upscale Line of Period Botanical and Palm Houses 
February 2008 Donated Conservatory up for Auction
Tanglewood Conservatories donates a conservatory to local historical society.