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Donated Conservatory From Tanglewood Conservatories Is Up For Auction

February 2008 DENTON, Md. -Jok Walsh and Michael McCrea of the Maryland based Caroline County Historical Society are still looking for someone who would like to purchase the conservatory donated to the society by Tanglewood Conservatories last year.

Jok says that the society is involved with the preservation of 23 building and historic sites in the Caroline County area and would like to use to money to create a capital projects fund.

“We plow every cent we’ve got into our projects”, he says. “We don’t have any money in the bank account. This constitutes the biggest gift we’ve ever gotten.”

The donated conservatory is already boxed and ready to go. It measures about 13 feet wide by 22 feet long and is about 13 feet tall at the ridge of its hip roof. See our blog from November 30th to see the specifications in complete detail.

Walsh spoke to reporters covering the story at length of Tanglewood Conservatories’ quality and name recognition in the conservatory business. “They make a very high quality product that is sold all over the United States.”

“Hopefully, this donation will give us a bit of a nest egg”, added Michael McCrea. The Caroline County Historical Society will possibly hold an auction for the conservatory in the near future.