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Tanglewood Conservatories Awarded Honorary Membership in Exclusive German Association of Conservatory and Wintergarden Manufacturers

July 2010 Hamburg, Germany– Tanglewood Conservatories unique creations has brought worldwide attention to the small Denton Maryland based company. With this award, Tanglewood becomes the first company located outside of Germany/ Austria to become affiliated with the prestigious Wintergarten Fachverband group.

Wintergarten Fachverband is an association of German and Austrian wintergarden and conservatory manufacturers who specialize in wood design and construction and are united by their enthusiasm for their fascinating product. Membership is predicated on strict adherence to the quality controls and ethics standards set by the association.

Executive Director Franz Wurm presented the award to Alan and Nancy Virts, Co-Founders of Tanglewood Conservatories at the annual meeting of the association immediately following Alan’s presentation to the group.

Mr. Wurm had invited Alan and Nancy to speak to the Wintergarten Fachverband general membership about the unique conservatories that Tanglewood designs and builds in the United States as well as the general market conditions in the United States.

Alan noted that many similarities exist in the construction techniques utilized by companies on either side of the Atlantic, however major differences are evident in both their design approach as well as the size and scale of constructions that are generally accepted by their respective markets.

Alan notes that: “Typically, the German companies produce many more conservatories in a year then we do, however the rooms are usually smaller and without the architectural detail that Tanglewood is known for and which is considered normal for projects in the US.” “Most of the conservatories built in Germany are not of the old-world or early industrial style that the American market seems geared to, but are reflective of the contemporary architecture prevalent in Germany today” says Alan.