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Alan Featured Speaker at Woodworking Industry Conference

Woodworking Companies Going $Green Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America – Monterey CA

Conservatory CraftsmanApril 2010 – The prestigious leader in cutting-edge wood manufacturing and materials, The Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America will host a panel of top leaders of industry on the hot topic of “Going $Green.” Alan, President of Tanglewood Conservatories will be one of the featured panelists discussing the multitude of benefits he and his company have enjoyed since deciding to implement Green strategies.

Alan, who recently appointed a ‘Sustainability Czar’ in house at Tanglewood says he will address the key advantages of going Green in the workplace including cost savings, increased profits and most importantly less impact on the environment.

Wood Conservatory Dome

As custom conservatory designers and craftsman, Tanglewood is representative of a small wood products manufacturer sharing insight into the green supply chain including re-use of high quality wood cut offs, innovative processes and green products.

April 21-24, 2010
Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America
100 North 20th Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1443
215.564.3484 x 2205