Award Winning Conservatory

A collaborative team transforms napkin doodle into garden jewel. Starting with only a square, a circle and a crooked rectangle, we produced a conservatory that won an award.

Conservatory Collaboration For An Asian Landscape

Dome InteriorWhen the landscape architect for a garden project doodled a few shapes together on a page for a client, they didn’t know what to expect. But, starting with nothing more than that drawing of a square, a circle and a crooked rectangle, Tanglewood developed and refined a well-proportioned, elegant conservatory. The result was an unusual building, both simple and complex. Its parts, an almost perfect cube, a domed tower and a crooked rectangular gallery complete a study in their formal relationships.

Simple in its detail, nothing distracts from the conversation between its parts. Not so much a “whole” which is greater than “the sum of its parts”, but a conversation between three equal members of a well- behaved family. It represents a group presentation. The sensitively positioned pieces are not in competition with each other, an achievement much more difficult than it might seem.

Working in close collaboration with the team of Landscape Architect Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. and Joe Jannopoulo of Synergy Building Corp. Tanglewood led the Design Development process for the conservatory presenting options and alternatives of varying proportions and details. In the end, a unique project was created.

Conservatory Exterior

The conservatory is one of three focal pieces in the Pagoda Garden project conceptually designed by Gilkey and Jannopoulo. The project consists of different vignettes or “rooms” that present unique aspects of Asian design — a grouping of authentic Chinese Pagodas, a one of a kind koi pond, and a greenhouse in the conservatory style.

As described recently in Garden Design, “…the clients originally requested a greenhouse, but during the design process the focus was changed to a true conservatory built over an enormous 40,000 gallon underground cistern. The cistern collects rainwater that is piped into the irrigation. This conservatory houses not only tropical plants but exquisite custom art work that offers a comfortable protected structure for intimate gatherings during inclement weather.”

Interior Art
The interior of the conservatory is paneled in sustainable sapele wood. The naturally finished woodwork provides a suitable background for displaying custom artwork and other creative elements brought home from the clients’ travels.
Many of the tropical plants will be moved to this naturalistic indoor environment for the winter months. “It’s kept at 68 to 74 degrees at all time,” says Gilkey. “We designed a green living wall to hide the air conditioning units, then added five foot square panels of etched painted glass.”

Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. is a landscape architecture studio established in 1981. Through a passion for pure design and personal relationships with architects, contractors and homeowners, we create expressions of outdoor space that are direct translations of our clients’ visions. We work with our experienced landscape contracting team, our professional maintenance technicians, and the community’s finest tradesmen to ensure implementation and continuity of each unique concept, through every phase of the design process.

Synergy Building Corp. is a construction management and award winning Construction Company. Synergy Building Corp. offers quality design/build construction services specializing in coastal permitting and construction, unique building techniques and methods, and efficient/sustainable standard building practices. Our specialty is our team approach from early design to constructions end and our ability to recommend proper material selection and specifications that last and reduce maintenance.