Garden Room Conservatory

This project challenged our thinking-the outside is made of cast stone, not wood. Creative techniques, fresh ideas and great design are all part of what Tanglewood does best.

Cast Stone And Copper Conservatory

Interior of Garden Room ConservatoryWhen the owners of this detached garden room first approached Tanglewood, they requested a conservatory with a completely maintenance-free exterior. In addition, their beautiful home in Louisiana was classically detailed and the couple wanted the new conservatory to match. Our challenge was to find a material which was maintenance-free yet timelessly elegant. The solution was to design the exterior out of classic cast stone.

The conservatory was to be the focal point of a new pleasure garden which encompassed both formal landscaping and woodland trails. Ponds and fountains abound and stone sculptures of wild forest creatures pepper the underbrush, all maintained with a cordless mower and skilled hands.

Once the conservatory design was complete, preparation for making the cast stone parts began. First, each piece of trim was meticulously hand crafted out of wood.

Then the pieces were crated and shipped out for the fabrication of the stone. A casting mold was made from each piece of wood, and the individual stone parts of the conservatory were then created and assembled.


The Moorish looking conservatory is crowned with a custom-built dome adorned with copper “shingles” which will age to a rich, dark hue. The dome was constructed in one piece and the copper shingles applied before the completed dome was shipped pre-assembled. Once on site, a crane was used to hoist it into position.

On the interior, the dome is painted with billowy white clouds drifting across a beautiful blue sky. It is illuminated by discreet lighting hidden behind a mahogany crown molding. A crystal chandelier hangs from its apex at the center of the room. Deep stained mahogany woodwork and exquisite mosaic tile give a rich luster to the room within, while sunrays painted by colorful stained glass illuminate the space.

Designed to match the conservatory interior, a custom-made mahogany bar serves the space and features a rhinestone-encrusted wrought iron gate which opens the way to the wine storage.

Copper Dome in Workshop Pergolas and paths both beckon and conceal. An elegant maiden turned to stone whispers as you pass. A troll punts across a pond. The whimsical garden is nicknamed “Purvana” – so chosen because of the owner’s love of cats.

Interior of Copper dome