A Hilltop Conservatory

Even on cloudy days this custom conservatory requires no artificial light, though at twilight, antique sconces make it glow like golden amber.

Custom Hilltop Conservatory

Hilltop ConservatoryA subtle two-tone color scheme, custom- designed eave brackets, large, intricately patterned windows, and a rustic field stone patio distinguish the exterior of this custom hilltop conservatory. Wrought iron chairs, a stone bench, and yellow and purple blossoms complete the enchanting setting.

The anxious owners of this stone cottage perched high atop the foothills, had already constructed the foundation and the stone base for their new custom conservatory before contacting us. Not only was the size and shape of the new room “pre-determined”, the exact sizes and locations of the doors was literally cast in stone!

The challenging conservatory design solution was accomplished by using panes of glass each slightly differing in width.

This allowed us to subtlety adjust the conservatory dimensions so that the overall effect is unnoticeable yet the conservatory fits flawlessly on its foundation and the owner’s stonework was not wasted.

Hilltop Conservatory DetailsThe oversized, top-hung awing windows are ideal for capturing and controlling the mountain (or seaside, if that be the case) breezes. The sash are held firmly in place with our exclusive solid brass push bar and locking mechanism and the insect screens are always included.

A well-dressed but comfortable lounge, the custom conservatory’s refined interior is made of warmly stained mahogany – a perfect place for sipping cappuccino and

gazing through the telescope to the valley below. A heated stone floor which matches the rustic patio outside, is covered with nothing more than elegant oriental carpets.

At the owner’s request, the conservatory’s roof and roof ornaments are completely copper clad to match the metalwork on their cottage.

The ornamental brackets at the conservatory’s eaves support an unusually substantial overhang and together with the articulated corner posts and stone base, are designed to visually “hold” the room in place on its high mountain perch.

Now, with the “perfect place” complete and satisfied owners to enjoy the daily panorama and year round sunsets, we might easily forget the difficult challenge that led us to this uncommonly elegant conservatory design.