Poolside Conservatory

A Poolside Conservatory Retreat

Poolside Conservatory DetailThis poolside conservatory retreat was commissioned by its owners who wanted facilities next to their pool which was set amid their mature formal garden away from the house. A glass conservatory seemed a perfect solution – a sculptural yet functional design element that would fit well with the surrounding fountains, statuary and urns. A stylish freestanding glass room at the edge of the landscape as well as a backdrop for the adjacent terrace would certainly be a sought after venue.

Anthony Musso AIA, the architect had chosen a site at the far end of the pool where this custom glass conservatory would have access from a lower driveway. The conservatory was planned to sit atop a full suite of exercise rooms, sauna and showers and be connected to the lower level by an interior spiral staircase.

Tony had sketched an elegant concept for the conservatory which was forwarded to Tanglewood for refinement.

This classical poolside conservatory design is directly related to the heritage-era main house. Inside and out, its playful features speak to the classical proportions of the brick mansion and are painted bright white to match its trim.  
StatueKeeping close to his original scheme, the conservatory design was sensitively adjusted paying close attention to the details, the proportions and the functionality of the new construction. Since the new glass conservatory was not connected to the main house, exact details were not directly incorporated but their architectural relationship was closely scrutinized.Inside, the decor conveys a casual elegance with simple white cotton-draped furnishings, patterned pillows, and an old Country French coffee table. A reading table with primitive looking chairs made from bent tree limbs was included in the collection.

The room, which is frequently used by its owners and their many guests, is hailed as the most inviting on the property.


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