Custom Pool House Conservatory

Winter, spring, summer, and fall: nature is a four-season phenomenon, so it’s only natural that the conservatory, the place best suited to celebrate its daily bounty, also be a year round structure.

Custom Pool House Conservatory

Custom Pool House Interior

This custom pool house conservatory is a freestanding building with a built-in spa inside. The two-tone color scheme was coordinated with the red brick and mortar of the main house.

Ochre woodwork matches the cast stone urns, the capitals on the brick piers and the trim on the house itself. The heavily-tinted roof glass, which from the outside seems almost opaque, echoes the dark shingles on the main house and blocks most of the sun’s heat. From the inside, the tint is barely apparent but substantial enough so that no air conditioning is required – even in the summer. One of the challenges of the design was to incorporate changing rooms, bathroom facilities and a small kitchenette within this custom conservatory structure.

The cleverly designed solution calls for a “separate” but attached brick extension to the back of this custom pool house conservatory.

At Tanglewood, how we do our work is what matters most – and we believe it will matter most to you. Imagine spending time inside this garden room spa. What would you ponder as you soak your cares away?
Custom Pool House DetailThe barely noticeable addition has a low-slope roof so as not to interfere with the custom conservatory and on the inside, features a brick arched-opening from the main spa room that carries the Palladian arch theme inside.The quarry tile floor is set on a diagonal to emphasize the round spa that is centered in the room and looks out onto the pool. At only 345 square foot, this beautifully detailed cabana embodies functional multiplicity. French multiplicity. French doors under the side gable open directly to the first floor master bedroom so discreet access from the house is direct.

On center with the adjacent swimming pool, it provides a visual “anchor”, and it divides the yard into “Pool” space and separates it from a groomed putting green on the other side.