Tea Room Conservatory

Classic Conservatory Design

Custom Glass ConservatoryWhile only three sets of doors open out onto the surrounding stone patio, others are identical – and continue the room’s tranquil rhythm.

At 21 feet wide, 28 feet long and nearly 20 feet high at the peak, the room is large (as conservatories go.) This custom conservatory is used as an informal garden room or tea room, its sense of style is unmistakable. Cozy rattan chairs and sofa with supple stuffing cogitate beneath baskets of flowering flora and potted palms. At the center of the homes entertainment, the conservatory softens the transition from indoors to out and encourages the passage between.

The land surrounding this custom glass conservatory slopes gently toward the river, so the structure itself becomes a passage. Taking its propor- tions and lines from the house, the glass conservatory functions as an architectural palindrome, from house to yard and back.
This custom conservatory was added to the home during a large renovation project that both restored the original historic property and doubled the size of it as well. From the start, the glass conservatory was conceived to mimic the scale and detail of the porticos on the front and back of the home, so that it would blend perfectly.Full scale drawings were made of the existing cornice and mouldings and used to fabricate the conservatory so that in the end, the final conservatory design was a perfect match. The Doric columns were specified as exact duplicates of those used on the house and the roof pitch calculated and built to match as well.

Glass House ChairsInside, this tea room conservatory is separated from the main house by matching french doors. The Palladian highlight windows are motorized to allow flow-through-ventilation on cool summer eves.