Our Process

Custom Conservatory Design

Alan and Nancy
Each Tanglewood conservatory begins with a phone call from you and a conversation about your home. We believe great architecture begins with your ideas, feelings, and needs—not ours. We learn about who you are and listen to what you say. We can work side by side with your architect if you already have one. Then we use our creativity and architectural skill to create a custom conservatory design that reflects the things that are important to you. We don’t offer standardized “models,” “sizes,” or “architectural details”—we won’t try to squeeze your needs into a preconceived box. Instead, your conservatory starts with a clean sheet of paper, fresh ideas, world-class design, and you.

A Conservatory Architect Defines your Project

After your call, we schedule a visit to your home. During that meeting, one of our conservatory architects will ask you many questions, such as, What do you like about your home? What would you change? What appeals to you about the idea of a conservatory? How will the new room be used? In the hands of a skilled and imaginative architect, the answers to these simple questions become the foundation for the design of your conservatory.Entryway

The process is interactive and collaborative. We take great pride in our ability to listen to others’ ideas and turn them into conversations about what is possible. Our clients are often surprised and delighted to learn they have many more choices than they originally thought.

Our greatest satisfaction is designing and building a custom conservatory that is beautiful, functional, and uniquely yours.

Questions, Questions, Questions

Tanglewood’s initial project definition and custom conservatory design services are furnished on a retainer basis. The process usually requires several visits with a conservatory architect and takes from three to six weeks to complete. Multiple design approaches are frequently considered. During this time we address many of the questions you might have, such as, How will Tanglewood work with your architect and general contractor? Can the room be used year-round? How long will it take to produce the conservatory? Who will put it up? In addition, there are often questions about heating and cooling the conservatory, about building permits and technical issues such as engineering.