Our Process

Production Drawings –
Designing and Building Conservatories

Production DrawingsOnce consensus on the final custom conservatory design and budget is reached, a production agreement is drafted. Next, work on the shop drawings, or blueprints, begins. These are the highly detailed drawings our team uses to actually build your conservatory. Your general contractor will also use our shop drawings to prepare the foundations and other site conditions so we can properly install the conservatory when it arrives at your home.

Perhaps most exciting, however, the shop drawings allow you to see your custom conservatory design take shape—up close. In them you will see all the architectural features and intricate details of your dream room—from French doors to finials—and they’ll help you finalize your selections.

CollaborationAt this point, we also review your choices of items, such as stained or beveled art glass, shading systems, window and door hardware, specialty finishes and high-performance glass.

With completed shop drawings in hand, we meet with you for a final review and approval. Those responsible for designing and building conservatories – (the architect, general contractor, or designer, if you have them) are asked to participate. As conservatory specialists, we understand that everyone on your team will look to Tanglewood for guidance. Our extensive experience designing and building conservatories throughout America allows us to anticipate questions and proactively assist the other professionals involved in your project.