A Swimming Pool Enclosure

The Tanglewood atelier is equipped to handle the most extravagant of projects – while giving attention to the smallest of details.

Swimming Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosure InteriorThe tradition of building extraordinary structures to enclose both public and private swimming pools is centuries old, dating to the great Roman balnea or thermae. Most Roman cities had at least one such building, which was central to the public life of its citizens. Most private villas also included a bath house.

Bridging the space between the main house and a new guest wing, this spacious swimming pool enclosure encompasses a swimming pool, spa and ample space for relaxation around an interior fireplace. Facing the great lawn on the one side and a more intimate tree shaded space on the other side, this conservatory includes a cleverly-designed “interior” passage to allow guests to reach the main house discretely, without going outside.

The pool house design was produced in close collaboration with the project architect. The architect produced rough sketches of his ideas for the new building and then stepped back to allow Tanglewood to develop the design using their “know- how” of conservatory and pool house construction. Back and forth went the ball, with the architect continuously challenging Tanglewood to solve difficult design and detail issues with increasing elegant solutions.

Pool Enclosure CeilingThe resulting final pool house design looks deceptively simple. On the one side, it is a straightforward symmetrical “conservatory” building. On the other side, it is a much more subtle blending of the new conservatory with the original shingle style architecture of the existing home. The elegant design of the roof structure bridges the two just as the pool house enclosure itself bridges the two wings of the house.