A Swimming Pool Enclosure

This unique swimming pool enclosure is a grand celebration of structure – as were the magnificent conservatories of the past. Cast iron columns on the interior bear fanciful steel beams which hold in place its delicate skin of glass.

A Celebration Of Steel & Glass

Unique Swimming Pool Enclosure ConservatoryWhen complete, this swimming pool enclosure will be filled with palm trees and the gleeful cries of ecstatic children. It will be one of the most unique custom conservatories Tanglewood has ever built.

Three years in the making, the design concept evolved from the interplay of steel, stone and glass seen at the magnificent glass conservatory at Syon Park in London. Though a similar glass dome was ruled out early in the design process, the contrast between the prominent cast iron columns, decoratively treated structural steel and the solid masonry walls became a guiding objective throughout the project.

The exterior of the pool house conservatory is a narrative of contrasting materials and themes. The limestone walls extending from the house are peeled back to reveal the transparency of the glass windows and roof. Limestone pilasters accent their junction and frame the interesting layering effect.
The dark bronze/grey color was chosen for the pool house enclosure roof as it blends well with the color of the slate roof on the main house.

Pool & Spa Enclosure DetailsThe limestone dentils are features from the main house and tie the design solidly to its home.

The interior reveals an altogether different character. Cast iron and steel parts with their forged curls and intricate rosettes parade themselves as in the history-book images of the great palaces of glass. Syon Park, the Temperate House at Kew and Alton Towers were this room’s recent ancestors.

Many of Tanglewood’s rooms feature custom stained glass panels which provide a favorite design opportunity – and this room is no exception. Of interest is not only the wonderful patterns made by the colors and shapes of the glass itself, but the ever-changing panorama of colored light thrown into the interior of the conservatory which adds a mystical quality to the room.

This design features a combination of colored glass with clear beveled and antique-stressed glass features. There are six of the large gables and eight of the tall sidelights in the pool house conservatory.

Pool & Spa Stained GlassPool & Spa Enclosure More Details