Pool Pavilion

Steel & Glass Pool House Shown In Architectural Digest

Glass and Steel Pool ConservatoryWhen a Louisiana-based architect began a large renovation project for a client who requested a conservatory pool pavilion enclosure, he commissioned Tanglewood to design and build the structure.

From the beginning, he made one crucial stipulation – the custom conservatory must be entirely made of steel and glass – not wood! He loved the aesthetic of the old-world steel and glass conservatories that seemed so transparent. He also wanted a steel conservatory because of the southern climate.

Tanglewood enthusiastically accepted the challenge and began work on the concept for a building entirely different from any other conservatory design they had previously produced. Years of experience using different materials and original design details made the Tanglewood team well suited for the task. “Their ability to innovate is what makes them such an asset to our team”.

The first sketches of the building brought praise from the architect who felt his intentions were perfectly expressed. He was thrilled and confessed a prior belief that a building which would adequately capture his sense of “appropriateness” could not be designed.

Architectural Digest, June 2010“The custom conservatory was well proportioned and the details just right”, in his words. It was a long, narrow pool enclosure that included a spa and shower off to one side. The exposed steel roof structure incorporated a gentle curve which softens the space and half-round pilasters were used inside and out to emphasize their support.

So skillfully handled was the room, that an entire page was reserved for an interior picture of it in Architectural Digest magazine.

“This project was really no different from so many other commissions that we have undertaken”, Tanglewood Conservatories President, Alan Alan notes. “We are hired by some of the world’s best architects because they recognize our understanding and our dedication to great design”.

“Extraordinary, I want to tell you how fabulous it is, and how great I think your quality is.” “I think it’s absolutely extraordinary – I hope you like it too!” – project architect Ken Tate.Interior of Pool Pavilion
“Our experience in the specialized realm of traditional conservatories – whether steel, wood, bronze or any other material an architect might wish to use makes us unique. “Our commitment is to produce the most innovative, exceptional quality of design and construction in a cost efficient and time sensitive way”. “When we work for an outside architect, our job is to make them look great!”

Pool Pavilion Roof Frame