Conservatory Artisan

“For talented craftspeople, these are dream projects destined for some of the world’s most beautiful homes.”

Building a custom conservatory design is somewhat akin to building an airplane on your production floor – only Tanglewood never repeats the same design twice.“Sometimes I think we must be nuts!,” says Alan. With each custom conservatory design tailored to its client’s site, imagination and architecture, Tanglewood ‘throws away the mold’ everyday.

Conservatory Installers

Active communication between all team members is now a Tanglewood Conservatories tradition. “Tanglewood’s support staff is the glue that holds the operation together,” says Alan. “We have draftsmen producing plans, coordinators scheduling and tracking every step of the process and specialists who stay in close contact with each of our clients.” Alan explains it this way: “Every person at Tanglewood needs to understand how the whole process works, and what has to happen on each conservatory project until it leaves here. It’s the only way they can function effectively and know what to do.”

Like their creative counterparts in California’s Silicon Valley, Tanglewood’s people usually show up for work in jeans. The atmosphere is just as informal. Alan observes, “There is no ho-hum sense of routine here.” His leadership style is respectful, engaging and collaborative. “That means we need the dedication and cooperation of every team member doing their best to pull it off. This deserves my respect…”

“We live on the quality of our work and the high level of customer care we provide,” says Alan.

Nancy Virts Quilt
“Galaxy” Quilt by Nancy Virts, Tanglewood Co-Founder

When you call Tanglewood, you just may find yourself on the phone with Nancy Virts. Tanglewood’s Co-Founder and current COO, Nancy has worn many hats during the company’s growth: client orientation, project coordination, field service, customer service. “With 10 years experience in corporate management,” says Alan, “I knew I had a find in Nancy. The company would not be what it is without her dedication and generosity.” A talented, professional craftsperson in her own right, Nancy is an accomplished fiber artist.