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When you think of Tanglewood Conservatories, you may be tempted to imagine the exquisite and beautifully adapted glass houses that we handcraft for homes all over America. But we also design and construct copper and glass domes; the circular or polygonal structures placed on a roof in a sort of crowning touch. Tanglewood domes are usually ornamental in nature, but can be useful as well. Domes placed on rooftops can be accessible from the inside of the building, flooding the interior space with natural light and offering a unique vantage point from which to view the surrounding countryside or neighborhood.

When most people think of domes, the structures that likely come to mind are the domes on top of American State Capitol buildings or the ornate domes that grace European and Middle Eastern buildings such as cathedrals and temples. It was the Romans who began creating them on a large scale and gradually made them more opulent. The most famous of which, the Pantheon, was created in the 2nd century. Today, however, domes also grace much smaller buildings such as single family homes, garden gazebos, and even silos!

Tanglewood Conservatories is proud to continue the tradition of creating beautiful custom domes. We work with you to design the dome you want, either by developing the design ourselves, using your ideas, or working with you to design a one of a kind creation. Whichever route you take, you can be assured that your dome will be as unique and as stunning as you want it.

Our dome craftsmen are experienced in working with all types of materials, ranging from copper, lead-coated copper, bronze, glass and wood. Your dome can be constructed in virtually any size, shape or design and can be shipped to any destination. Our goal is simply to create an object of magnificence; a dome that you will love and enjoy, and that will last for generations.

To get an idea of what we can create for you, please browse Tanglewood’s dome photo gallery. Among our favorites is a curved glass dome with a ventilating cupola, on which the cladding is coated with lead copper that will weather to a beautiful rich patina; a custom-built dome adorned with diamond shaped copper “shingles” which was placed on a Moorish-styled conservatory; and a cupola that was constructed using a century-old technique of overlapping small panes of glass.

No matter what type of Tanglewood-built dome or custom cupola you choose, we know it will be unlike any other and will bring you years of enjoyment.