A Quintessential English Greenhouse

Classic ConservatoryKnown throughout the world for their illustrious gardens, the English developed the recognizable style of their famous glasshouse during the latter part of the nineteenth century.

This greenhouse, was designed and built here in America for a historic farmhouse in New England. While the owners cherished the “English” style, they wanted the comfort of knowing that the company that would manufacture and install their complicated structure was only a stones throw away.

The architect sketched the basic size and shape of the custom greenhouse and then turned the design over to Tanglewood for refinement. Several variations were considered and ultimately this classically proportioned, elegant greenhouse design was selected. Dentil mouldings, pilasters and trim continue the character of the main house but resist the temptation to become mere copies.

An unusual feature of this otherwise freestanding greenhouse is the way in which it can be entered. A sunken passageway covered with a glass roof to match the greenhouse provides access from the main house thus allowing it’s owners to tend their indoor gardens without encountering the frozen wintry weather outside.

This type of greenhouse can be an extremely stylish yet cost effective way for anyone wishing to enjoy the pleasures of year round gardening under glass. It features a specially designed lightweight roof system used exclusively for greenhouses. The traditionally built structure can also include as much ornamentation as is appropriate or desired.

The 530 square foot room measures 23′ x 23′, yet seems larger because of the steep roof pitch and the projecting gables on all four sides.